10 Best Fountain Pens In India 2022 (With Buying Guide)

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The fountain pens are sleek, elegant, and look beautiful while holding in hand or even in the pocket. There are millions of people who use Fountain pens for daily use. Some people like to keep the fountain pen as a revered possession and use it only for important occasions. If you are a writer or a professional looking for the best fountain pens in India, you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to list the best fountain pens in India so that you can choose the best pen as per your needs. We’ve done thorough research before listing the best fountain pens in India. All you have to do is check out all the products, their features, and then get the best one that suits your needs.

Best Fountain Pen In India Summary:

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10 Best Fountain Pens in India

#1 – Parker Vector Mettalix Fountain Pen 

Parker Vector Mettalix Fountain Pen

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Looking for the best seller fountain pen that is loved by thousands of buyers? Well, the Parker Vector Mettalix fountain pen is the best seller product on the Amazon marketplace. Parker is a well-known brand that makes high-quality pens. Be it the regular ballpens or the luxurious fountain pens, you’ll find everything from Parker. The Parker Vector Mettalix is a perfect fountain pen for beginners. Those who have just started to use the fountain pen should try out the Parker Vector Mettalix pen.

The Parker Vector mettalix comes with the gloss finish. The same finish makes it look beautiful and shiny. The entire pen is made with high-quality durable ABS plastic and a stainless steel cap. The base of this product is made with the HQ ABS plastic, which provides the grip while using this pen. For those who love fine writing, it’s the best fountain pen.

This product comes with a Twin-channeled ink feed and collection system. This system is very helpful in the ink flow in the pen while writing. Also, it prevents leakage while you are carrying it in your pocket. Well, another benefit of this ink feed and collection system is the easy refill. You can easily refill this fountain pen and start using it for writing. Also, it’s not one of those cheap Made in China pens that are of low quality. This fountain pen from Parker is fully made in India. So, don’t worry about the quality of this fountain pen.

  • Fine Nib Made with High-quality Stainless Steel
  • ABS Plastic body for Durability and Strength
  • Twin-Channeled Ink Feed System for Excellent Writing
  • Comes with Piston Refill Mechanism
  • Not suitable for fast and long writing sessions
Why is the Parker Vector Mettalix Fountain Pen a Great Choice?

The Parker Vector Mettalix fountain pen is a great option for beginners. In the Parker Vector series, you’ll find numerous products, but the Vector Mettalix is an entry-level pen. This pen comes with a fine stainless steel nib, which provides strength and smoothness. The stainless steel nib is good for fine writing. Also, the special design of the nib prevents the ink bleed on the paper, which is a great option.

The best thing I found about this product is the twin-channeled ink feed and collector system. This system helps you to refill the cartridge and start using the ink without staining your hands. With this system, you can quickly fill the cartridge without spilling the ink. Parker is providing the free Blue Quink Ink bottle with this product. So, it’s easier for you to start your journey of using the fountain pen.

#2 – Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen

Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen

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Camlin is one of the most reputed brands in India. With the classic rollerball pens and the stationery supplies, the Camlin has earned that reputation. The Camlin Elegante Fountain pen is one of the best fountain pens available in the market. The classic and elegant design is what makes it one of the best pens. If you love classic designs, then the Camlin Elegante Fountain pen is the best one for your needs.

The Camlin Elegante fountain pen comes with a handcrafted gold plated nib. The high-quality nib provides durability and also helps you with fine writing. The nib is not pressure-sensitive, so that you won’t get wider strokes with more pressure. The gold plated nib makes it look shiny and prevents excessive ink deposits, which may block the entire pen. Also, the good quality metal cap is a great addition. Even though the body is made with HQ ABS plastic, the cap is made with the metal, which protects the precious gold plated nib. And as you know, the fountain pen is nothing without the nib.

Not just these, the lightweight construction makes it easy to use. You might want to have a metal body, but that will make it difficult to use for a long time. Fortunately, the ABS plastic provides a better grip on the fountain pen, which is efficient for writing using the same for a long time. So, if you are a professional writer or a student, then you might find this fountain pen from Camlin a great choice.

As this is the fountain pen, it requires an ink refill. The Camlin elegante comes with a piston-based ink filling system. The Piston ink filling system is quite useful for sucking the ink inside the cartridge. It helps you to refill the cartridge without any spillage easily. This pen is good for experienced users and not for beginners. So, if you have some experience using fountain pens, then you’ll love this pen. For this price point, it’s a premium looking pen that will suit in your pocket.

  • Handcrafted Fountain Pen with Gold Plated Fine Nib
  • Brass Metal Cap with ABS Plastic Body for Durability
  • Comes with efficient Piston Based Ink Refill System
  • Provides Smooth Writing experience
  • Ink Dries Off quickly, clogging the Nib
  • The Fine Nib is not pressure-sensitive
  • Small cartridge allows less ink holding
Why is the Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen a Great Choice?

The Classic and elegant design is the main attraction for this fountain pen. Though it looks like a very premium pen, but it’s pricing is very affordable. The handcrafted gold plated nib provides an excellent writing experience. If you prefer fine writing, especially on books, papers, and in the examinations, then you would love this pen. The plastic body provides the best grip that is useful for a long writing session.

Also, the metal cap protects the gold plated nib from any fall damage, which is essential. It’s a piston based fountain pen, so there is no issue with the ink spillage while refilling the cartridge. The pen is available in Black, Blue, and Red color options, so you can choose any color ink for refilling the pen.

#3 – Reynolds Fludo Plus Fountain Pen 

Reynolds Fludo Plus Fountain Pen

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We’ve seen Reynolds in the ball pen segment and have used a ton of ballpoint pens of the same company. You might be having the Reynolds ballpoint pen in your bag. Well, the Reynolds Fludo Plus fountain pen is one of the most popular basic fountain pens you can find in the market. This pen is made for absolute beginners who don’t have any experience of using fountain pens. In short, it’s an entry-level fountain pen, which doesn’t have many advanced features.

The high-quality stainless steel nib ensures smooth ink flow and also the durability. You don’t have to worry about the nib breaking while you are writing. According to the customer reviews, this product works very well for a long time writing without any issues. The Jumbo ink cartridge, which is replaceable, is very beneficial. Not just the long writing sessions, it also prevents any newbie issues while refilling the cartridge. You can find the cartridge for this fountain pen anywhere in the market. Also, Reynolds Fludo Plus fountain pen comes with two cartridges for free. You can attach these free cartridges and start writing whatever you wanted to write.

The plastic construction looks cheap, but it’s not. Although, the construction is not too great but works very well as this fountain pen is made for absolute beginners. If you are worried about durability, then it is quite good. But, don’t expect much from this pen. The lid has a clip on it, which is useful to attach this pen securely in your pocket. From the outside, it looks just like the normal ballpoint pen. But once you open the cap, you see the stainless steel nib.

As this is the entry-level fountain pen, you won’t get additional options. Apart from the blue color ink, there are no other options. Some people have said that it supports the Parker cartridge, but you should not try it to avoid ink spillage issues. This product is very much affordable to almost everyone willing to buy the first fountain pen for school or colleges. If you want to try using a fountain pen and don’t want to waste too much money, then buying a Reynolds Fludo Plus fountain pen is a great option.

  • Comes with Jumbo Cartridge for Uninterrupted Writing
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Nib ensures proper ink dispersion
  • Fluid Ink System with Replaceable Cartridges
  • Not made for professional usage
  • Low-Quality Plastic used
Why is the Reynolds Fludo Plus Fountain Pen a Great Choice?

The Reynolds Fludo Plus fountain pen looks good on the paper. It’s made for beginner users and those who want to experience using the fountain pen. This product is not a top-notch one, but it’s pretty useful for the newbies. It has a classic design, just like the ballpoint pen. You get the two ink options, i.e., the Blue and the Black. As it has a replaceable ink cartridge, it comes with the option of multiple ink cartridges. You can find the cartridges in the market.

The replaceable ink cartridge is the best thing about this product. It prevents ink spillage issues while refilling. It doesn’t require refilling, so the fountain pen using the experience of the users is pretty neat. Also, the Reynolds Fludo Plus fountain pen comes with two jumbo ink cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about the ink cartridges for a long time. It’s the most affordable fountain pen you can find on the Amazon marketplace.

#4 – Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker Fountain Pen 

Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker Cross Line Fountain Pen

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If you are looking for a stunning and beautiful fountain pen for your collection, then the Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker fountain pen is the best option for your requirements. It’s one of the most beautiful fountain pens that I’ve ever seen on the Amazon marketplace. The full metal construction with an elegant design is the main attraction or the feature of this product. From the outside, it looks like any other premium expensive fountain pen, that is gold plated or made with HQ metal. But it’s only a full metal fountain pen with a laser-etched pattern design. The Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker fountain pen comes with a medium-size stainless steel nib. Unfortunately, it does not have the option for fine size nib, so only those who are comfortable with the medium size nib will find this pen useful. That’s the negative point of this product. The stainless steel nib is of the high-quality, so you don’t have any issues with the durability and the ink flow.

With excellent and smooth ink flow, you should not worry about the writing experience. Just like any advanced fountain pen in India, the Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker pen comes with a refillable ink cartridge. You have to use the converter device to fill the ink in the provided cartridge. It supports the ink push system, so using the ink converter device for refilling the cartridge is recommended. Unlike the other fountain pens, this pen supports all of the fountain pen inks. There is nothing complicated about the ink, as you can use any fountain pen ink you find in the market, be it the Parker, Camlin, or any other brand. The laser-etched engraving is what makes the product lookup excellent. The black color body and the cap have a grid pattern design, making it look like an expensive fountain pen. But in reality, this is one of the most affordable fountain pens you can find in the market. With this price point, you will get the most advanced fountain pen in India, which is a great deal and worth spending the money on.

  • Excellent and Premium Design with Metal Body and Cap
  • Medium size nib made with Durable Stainless Steel Material
  • Comes with Removable Converter Ink Refill System
  • Suitable for both the Right and Left-handed Writers
  • Ink Flow System is not so good
  • The pen is quite heavy and not good for long writing sessions
Why is the Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker Fountain Pen a Great Choice?

The fountain pens can get extremely expensive if they have gold plating and other design elements. The Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Starwalker fountain pen is one of the best products that look pretty expensive by design but is quite affordable for normal people. It comes with all of the essential features for any fountain pen user, so there is nothing to complain about. It has a beautiful design with full metal construction.

The full metal construction is the best thing about this product, as the same provides a premium look, some weight, and also durability. The laser engravings on this pen make it look stylish. The only problem with this product is the medium size nib with no option of Fine size nib. So, those who are not comfortable with medium size nibs should avoid this pen. Otherwise, you’ll love this pen to have in your collection of the best fountain pens.

#5 – Parker Frontier Matte Black CT Fountain Pen

Parker Frontier Matte Black CT Fountain Pen

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When it comes to Parker, no one can catch them in making the best fountain pens in the world. The Parker Frontier Matte Black CT Fountain Pen is one such product that forced us to list another Parker product. The Parker Frontier Matte Black CT fountain pen is one of the most beautiful fountain pens that I’ve ever seen. It’s elegant, shiny, sleek, and shaped perfectly. In short, it’s eye candy for everyone who appreciates the beauty of the fountain pens. This pen is great for the students and professionals for writing for a long time.

Parker Frontier Matte Black CT fountain pen comes with a full stainless steel body. The entire body is powder-coated, providing it the Matte Black finish, which looks stunning. The product is equipped with Stainless steel nib, which is gold plated. The gold used in the plating is 23K, which is of high-quality for any fountain pen nib. In this case, we’ve chosen the product that has a fine stainless steel nib. But you have the option of the Medium size nib, which is very helpful. There is a healthy choice for everyone who wants different nib sizes.

Not just the nibs, but it has an excellent channel ink feed and collector system. The ink feed and collector system ensure the smooth ink flow to the nib. This helps you to write anything on any kind of paper with ease. Although the refill might be a bit inconvenient, it’s pretty easy for any experienced person. You might need an additional ink converter for refilling the inbuilt ink cartridge. Using the ink converter will help you with the hassle-free ink refilling and avoids the ink spillage that everyone hates.

Parker Frontier Matte Black CT fountain pen has a cylindrical design. The same design makes it look a bit bulkier than the other fountain pens. But, it’s quite comfortable to hold this pen in your hands for a long time. You won’t feel any issues while writing with this pen for a long time. As this fountain pen has a full metal body, you will feel some weight. But that’s a good weight and will help you with the grip and pressure on the paper while writing. It’s the most expensive product in this list of the best fountain pens in India. But, the pricing is still affordable for most of the people who are looking for a premium fountain pen.

  • Durable Powder Coated Steel with Matte Black Finish
  • Gold Plated Stainless Steel Fine Nib for a superior writing
  • Comes with the Converter Ink Refill System
  • Small Ink Cartridge
  • Ink Flow is not good
Why is the Parker Frontier Matte Black CT Fountain Pen a Great Choice?

Parker pens have nothing to complain about in the design and overall quality. The Parker Frontier CT fountain pen comes with a matte black full metal body. The full metal stainless steel construction makes it the best looking fountain pen on our list. The body is powder-coated that provides the stunning matte black color to this pen. The cylindrical design is best for those who have to write for a long time.

The best thing I found about this product is the stainless steel nib with gold plating. The fine and medium nib options are great for those who need to customize the fountain pen. The high-quality nib ensures the smooth flow of the ink on the paper, which is the only thing in the fountain pen that matters. In short, it’s a fantastic product with excellent design, metal construction, ink system, and the gold plated nib.

#6 – AmazonBasics Refillable Fountain Pen 

AmazonBasics Refillable Fountain Pen

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AmazonBasics is a reputed brand owned by Amazon itself. The AmazonBasics Refillable Fountain pen is one of the best looking fountain pens available in the Indian markets. This a refillable pen that comes with a superior writing experience, thanks to the polished Stainless Steel fine nib. The design of this fountain pen is quite superior, with the shiny black body and shiny clip.

This AmazonBasics fountain pen is refillable. You can fill any color ink in this fountain pen as per your likings. According to the manufacturer, using the Dye or water-based ink is recommended for better performance. The pack of this pen comes with one cartridge and two refills for convenience.

The body is not made with plastic but made with high-quality brass material. The brass is coated with black powder, which provides a shiny look. For the writers, it comes with the polished stainless steel fine nib. The Nib is pressure-sensitive, so you can easily adjust the thickness of the words. The ink cartridges are quite small, which might be a downside for professionals using them for long writing sessions. It’s a heavy fountain pen that has everything a writer wants.

  • Refillable Fountain pen with Free Starter Cartridges
  • Brass Metal Body and Cap with Shiny Clip for an elegant look
  • Durable and Pressure-Sensitive Fine Stainless Steel Nib
  • Suitable to use with the Water and Dye-based ink
  • Doesn’t come with the Converter Cartridge
  • The heavy pen may cause difficulties for long sessionst

#7 – Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen 

Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen

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Parker pens are quite useful for those who are looking for branded pens. The Parker Vector Standard is a good looking fountain pen suitable for newbie fountain pen users. It’s quite affordable and suitable for even the newbies who have just started using such pens. The Parker Vector standard is not a premium pen, so it’s made with ABS plastic. The ABS plastic is quite durable, but the plastic feel is not that great.

The Parker Vector standard fountain pen comes with a fine Stainless Steel nib, which is polished. The ink feed system is also well designed, which is suitable for a smooth writing experience. Not just that, the fine Nib makes it easier to write finely on any type of paper. Unfortunately, the Nib is not pressure-sensitive, so customizing the thickness is not possible.

For feeding the ink, it comes with the cartridge system. You will find one free cartridge with the package. If you want, you can order the additional cartridges or the ink converter system. It’s the best fountain pen if you are learning to use fountain pens and improving your handwriting.

  • Fine Stainless Steel Nib is polished for a shiny look
  • Proper Ink delivery system for fine writing
  • Easy to use big Ink Cartridges
  • Suitable for New Fountain Pen Users
  • Doesn’t Come with the Converter System
  • No Pressure sensitive Nib
  • The grip section is metal covered and very slippery

#8 – Hayman 24 CT Gold Plated Fountain Pen 

Hayman 24 CT Gold Plated Fountain Pen

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If you are looking for premium fountain pens, then the Hayman 24CT Gold Plated fountain pen is one of the best options for your needs. As the name suggests, it has 24-carat gold plating on the surface, making it look exceptional and stands out from the competition. It’s made with metal but coated with the unique design of Gold plating. The body, cap, and even the Nib are gold plated.

The gold plated fine Nib is excellent for fine writing. The Nib is made with precision engineering, so there will be no issues with your writing quality. The Nib is also quite durable, so you don’t have to worry if you frequently drop the pen on the ground.

The ink feed system is quite good, but not that excellent. If you can understand the quality of the fountain pens, then the ink delivery might not impress you. The Hayman 24 CT Gold Plated fountain pen is made with metal, so it’s heavy. Writing for a long time is not possible with this pen. As it comes with the refillable cartridge system, you can use it for a long time, but the weight of this pen prevents you from comfortably doing so. In short, it’s the right pen for starters and for the businessmen who have light usage requirements.

  • 24 Carat Gold Plating Design on Metal Body and Cap
  • High-Quality Gold Plated Fine Nib with Exceptional Writing
  • Precise Rubber Surface for better grip
  • Ink Delivery is not good
  • Doesn’t come with the Converter System

#9 – Oculus Supremo 0415 Fountain Pen 

Oculus® Supremo 0415 Black Fountain Pen

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Ergonomic and lightweight fountain pens are the best for long writing sessions. You don’t have to worry about anything else if you have the ergonomics and the lightweight fountain pen. If you prefer such pens, then the Oculus Supremio 0415 fountain pen is the best one for your needs. It comes with a unique ergonomic grip, which makes it comfortable to use for a long time without any finger fatigue.

With the iridium material medium-sized nib, it becomes easier to write in bold. The writers will find it useful to have the bold Nib made with durable iridium material that writes smoothly on any surface. The ink flow system of this pen is very nice. It’s very smooth to write on the paper without any worries of ink spilling or blotting. It does not come with any ink cartridge but comes with the converter system. You can refill the ink of your choice or use any standard ink cartridge.

The body of this pen is made of plastic. The body is not quite durable, But it suits best as it’s quite affordable. The cap is also made with plastic but has a unique LAMY style clip, which keeps it safe in the pockets. It’s a great pen if you prefer lightweight fountain pens suitable to write for a long time.

  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Writing
  • Iridium Material Medium-Sized Nib for smooth writing
  • Unique Ink flow system for avoiding blotting and spillage
  • Supports all Standard International Ink Cartridges
  • Doesn’t come with the Ink Cartridge in Pack
  • Plastic Body and Cap is not of good quality

#10 – LAMY Safari Fountain Pen 

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

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The LAMY Fountain pens are the top-notch fountain pens in the International markets. Fortunately, we have access to the LAMY fountain pens in India. The LAMY Safari Fountain pen is the epitome of the premium fountain pens. This pen is made with a high-quality ABS plastic body. Even though it’s plastic, you won’t feel anything cheap about this pen.

It comes in multiple nib size variants. The one that we are reviewing is the medium nib size variant. The Stainless steel polished nib is made with precision engineering in the LAMY factories. Almost all the fountain pen nibs are error free and ensure the smoothest writing experience. So, you don’t have to worry about the writing quality with this fountain pen.

As LAMY manufactures every part of this pen, you’ll get a precision engineered ink flow system. The system is very smooth and suitable for long writing sessions. It requires the Z24 ink cartridges and the converters for filling the ink. You can use any ink, but refilling the pen with the LAMY ink is highly recommended for a better writing experience. As it’s the most premium pen on this list, it’s quite expensive and might not be suitable for everyone.

  • Made with High-Quality ABS Plastic material for durability
  • Durable Stainless Steel Polished Nib for smooth writing
  • Precision engineers Ink Flow system is very good
  • Very Expensive Fountain Pen
  • Ink bleeding reported

Fountain Pens Buying Guide 

#1 – Size 

The overall size of the fountain pen is one of the most important things you should check before buying a fountain pen. As there are different sizes available, you should be cautious while choosing the fountain pens for your needs. The ideal size of the pen is the same as your normal pen. If the pen fits in your hands properly, then you don’t have to worry about the user experience. But, if it doesn’t fit in your palms, then you should not use the pen. In short, consider your hand size and then get the best fountain pen with a wide-body or thin body.

#2 – Weight 

For efficient writing, the weight of the fountain pen is one of the essential things. Without having enough weight, many people are not comfortable writing with the fountain pen. But make sure what your preferences are. Do you love heavy fountain pens? Do heavy fountain pens help you with the comfort you want? Ask these questions to yourself first. Most of the time, heavy fountain pens do cause fatigue while writing. If writing for a long time is your preference, no one will find the heavy fountain pens the best. In short, the fountain pens that are lightweight are suitable for long writing sessions. Also, the heavy fountain pens are for light usage.

#3 – Nib Width 

Quality and the size of the Nib ensures the proper writing style. We’ve seen and used a variety of nib sizes. With the Fine size nib, you can easily get fine writing on paper. With the bold Nib, you can easily write the bold words. But, with the wide nibs, you can easily do the calligraphy and artistic stuff. That’s the use of different size nib widths.

The ink consumption is another factor that’s related to the nib width. The wider the Nib, the more ink the pen will consume. With the wider Nib, you have to change the paper and get thick cardboard or the canvas for writing on the same.

#4 – Ink Filling System

Every fountain pen requires ink refill once in a while. You don’t want the hassle of getting ink filling, so the companies have developed systems to fill the ink properly and efficiently in the pens. The most common system is the Ink Cartridges. The ink cartridges are prefilled, and you just have to tighten them on the pen. That’s it. The ink cartridges are the simplest type of ink refill that you can have for your fountain pen. If you got an Ink cartridge type pen, and want to use the bottled ink for refilling, then you can attach a converter device, which will help you fill the cartridge with bottled ink of your choice.

Another type of ink filling system is piston based cartridges. The piston system helps you to draw the ink inside the cartridge for efficiency. If you prefer slow refilling, then the piston system will help you do the same.

The last type of ink refill system is the vacuum refill. The vacuum refill system creates a vacuum inside the cartridge, which causes the ink to get sucked immediately. You can entirely fill the cartridge in one shot with this system.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Are Fountain Pens Hard to Use? 

No. The fountain pens are not hard to use. They require a bit of precision and proper maintenance. As it has liquid ink inside the cartridges, using it carelessly will cause blotting on the paper or even on the clothes. So, fountain pens are easy to use but require proper care.

#2 – How Often Do You Have to Refill a Fountain Pen? 

You have to refill the fountain pen every two to three days if you are using it regularly. However, it depends on your usage. If you are using it rarely, then refilling it once a month is sufficient.

#3 – Do Fountain Pens Improve Handwriting? 

Yes. Using fountain pens requires steadiness and precision. With the experience in handling fountain pens, you will automatically improve your handwriting. As most of the fountain pens are quite ergonomic, it improves the user experience and, in the end, will impact your handwriting.

#4 – What is the Difference Between Calligraphy and Fountain Pen? 

The calligraphy pens are made especially for calligraphy arts. It comes with wide and pressure-sensitive nibs, which are suitable for wide strokes. The fountain pens are suitable for regular writing. Although they have wide nibs, they are suitable for regular writing requirements. Most of the fountain pens come with fine and medium nibs for regular writing.

#5 – Are Fountain Pens Good for Everyday Use? 

Yes. The fountain pens are suitable for everyday use. They are made with precision and provide a relaxed writing experience. So, they are suitable for everyday use at the home, office or even in the schools. As they help you improve the handwriting, you should start using the fountain pens every day.

Final Words

The fountain pens come with prestige and a premium feel. Most of the people buy fountain pens for the showoff. But the real fountain pen lovers always use the pen for writing or keep it in the collection. Some people have never used the fountain pen and the experienced fountain pen users. Everyone has different requirements. Well, we know that everyone has different fountain pen requirements. That’s why we did thorough research and found some of the best fountain pens in India, that you will love.

With this list of the best fountain pens in India, you’ll find it easier to get the best fountain pen for your requirements. If you are a beginner, you’ll find the fountain pens. Also, if you are an experienced user and want something premium to upgrade your collection, then you’ll find some premium products on this list. All you have to do is to check out this list and buy the best one that suits your requirements.


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