10 Best File Racks for Office In India 2022

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Even in the digital era, paperwork and documentation play an important part. Having the paperwork ready is essential, as the digital versions of the documents are not that reliable and accessible in difficult conditions. The storage of paperwork is always the big issue in the Indian offices. It’s very difficult to sort and store all the paperwork. To store the same, we do use the file racks. Using the best file racks for office in India proves to be beneficial in the management of the files and folders.

We needed the best file racks for the office to accommodate the critical files and folders that we frequently access. After searching for the Amazon marketplace, we found a few products that are suitable for office needs. We’ve decided to share the list of all of the best steel file racks for office storage. You can store low to moderate amounts of files in these file racks for offices. If you are interested in buying the best file racks, then you will find this list useful. Scroll through the list and buy the best product that is suitable for your file storage needs.

Best File Racks In India Summary:

10 Best File Racks for Office in India 

#1 – DaKos Plastic File Rack for Papers, Folders, and Files

DaKos Plastic 4 Compartments File Rack Paper Holder

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The DaKos plastic file rack for office is a very popular option available on the Amazon marketplace. If you are looking for an inexpensive and lightweight option, then the DaKos file rack is the best option for your needs. If ease of use is also your requirement, then you won’t get any issues using this plastic file rack for office.

The DaKos plastic file rack has four hollow partitions. The four partitions are great to store papers, letters, magazines, books, notebooks, files, and folders with ease. Also, the hollow partitions are useful for air ventilation and cleaning. In addition to the file holder, it comes with the pen holder compartments, which is helpful for the office staff. In short, it’s a multi-purpose file rack that sits perfectly on the small desks.

The DaKos plastic file container comes disassembled for easy shipping. You have to assemble it by yourself to start using it. Fortunately, the assembly process is pretty simple, and all you have to do is to arrange all the components and connect them. The hollow partitions make it easier for the washing and cleaning of the rack. You can even put it under the tap water to clean it as the plastic surface is non-sticky, and the dust and other contaminants will wash right away.

Managing the magazines, A4 size documents, files, and folders is easy with this DaKos File rack for office. If you want to use it in your house, then you can do so as the use case is not limited to the office. This product comes in three colour variants. The Blue and Black and very popular while the Grey variant is not that loved by the customers. Overall, this product is very affordable for anyone looking for a great file rack.

  • Suitable for Storing Heavy Documents
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
  • Highly Portable
  • Comes with Two Color Options
  • Cheap Quality Plastic Used
  • Heavyweight Files may Break the Organizer
Why is the DaKos Plastic File Container a Great Choice?

The DaKos Plastic file rack is a small product. It works only with a few books, magazines, and the files and folders. The small size is the main feature of this file rack. As it’s small, you can keep it on the work desk and get access to your files with ease. Also, it’s a plastic rack so you can easily move it from one place to another, unlike the wooden or steel racks that are heavy.

As it’s made with plastic, you can easily clean the product without worrying about the corrosion. Wash it under tap water and let it dry. If you are a cleaning freak, then every part of this product is removable, so you can remove every partition and clean it one-by-one.

#2 – AmazonBasics Mesh Seven Slot File Rack for Office

AmazonBasics Mesh Seven Slot File Organizer

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AmazonBasics is the proprietary brand of Amazon. With the quality products in every category, AmazonBasics have become the most trusted brand in the marketplace. The AmazonBasics Mesh File rack for office is one of the best products that we have come across. This is a seven-slot file rack, which is suitable for the office environment.

This product comes with the seven vertical slots, two shelves, and one drawer for storing the office essentials. The vertical slots are useful for storing important documents, books, files, folders, magazines, and others. The shelves can also accommodate a few more files that are not so important. The drawer can easily accommodate the office essentials like pens, staplers, markers, and whatnot.

The best thing about this product is the Mesh design. The mesh design with high-quality, durable stainless steel wire makes this product lightweight. Also, the mesh design gives it the needed strength, so you can store even the hefty files, folders, and books on this file rack, and it won’t collapse. The see-through visibility allows the users to take a sneak peek of the contents, so they won’t have to open everything to find the thing they need.

As it’s made with the durable steel wires, you must be wondering if it does scratch the surface or not. Well, the AmazonBasics Seven slot File Rack comes with the rubber feet, which protects the surfaces from scratches and also provides enough grip to the product itself.

  • Made with High-Quality Steel Frame
  • Mesh Design for Easy Cleaning
  • Rust-proof Coating on Metal Surface
  • Good for Storing Stationery Accessories
  • Nothing
Why is the AmazonBasics Seven Slot File Rack for Office a Great Choice?

AmazonBasics is a trusted brand, and most of their products are awesome. The Seven Slot file rack for office is one of the best products from the brand. The mesh construction with high-quality steel cable makes it sturdy and also lightweight. The size is quite big compared to the other options, but still, you can keep it on your office desk as it won’t consume much space.

The best thing about this product is the customizability. The users can find the variations of this product depending on the vertical or horizontal storage requirements. There is a horizontal slot version, which might be useful for some of the users. All in all, it’s a great product, and you must have it in your office.

#3 – JD9 Metal Mesh Four Tier File Rack for Office 

JD9 Metal Mesh 4 Tier Document Tray

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JD9 Metal mesh four-tier document tray for office is one of the most popular products on the Amazon marketplace in India. It’s the horizontal four-tier rack for storing the A4 size documents, magazines, letters, files, and folders. The product is very lightweight and still sturdy, thanks to the mesh design. The manufacturer has used high-quality steel cables to build this product, which makes it sturdier than the plastic file racks.

When you get the product delivered to your doorsteps, you get it in the disassembled form. You have to manually assemble the parts to get the final product. The assembly process is very simple, as you have to follow the instructions provided. The assembly takes no more than five minutes, so you get the new steel file rack for office within five minutes. There are four horizontal tiers, which you can use to store the files, folders, and A4 size documents. It’s essential for the small offices to have such a type of steel file rack.

According to the manufacturer, the product has 33% more space than competitor products. The product has the sliding trays, which accommodate more items than the other file management racks. Being the product made in mesh design and steel cables, it’s lightweight. You can easily carry this product anywhere in the office or home without any issue. Also, the product can be disassembled and packed in the box for carrying it to the different place without storage issues.

The JD9 Metal mesh four-tier file rack is suitable for the office and home use. You can store heavy items like books, magazines, hefty folders, and many other items without any issues. The strong construction and usability in any environment is the unique selling point of this product.

  • Heavy Duty Four Tier Design
  • 33% More Space for Storage
  • Suitable for All Types of Documents, Files, and Folders
  • Made with high-quality plastic material
  • Upper Compartment is not that Sturdy
Why is the JD9 Metal Mesh Four Tier File Rack a Great Choice?

J9 Metal Mesh file rack has four tiers. The four tiers with the sliding trays make it easier to store and access the files or documents. The ease of storage and access makes it one of the best products and makes the way in this list. The best thing I found about this product is 33% more storage space compared to the competitor products. As we have more space, we can store more items in this file rack.

Another great feature of this product is the auto-stop. The auto-stop mechanism for the trays keeps it safe from sliding down the racks. If you store too many items on the rack, then the trays might slide out. But the same mechanism prevents the sliding trays and keeps the file rack steady. In short, it’s worth the money you spend.

#4 – Callas Metal Mesh Design File Holder for Office 

Callas Metal Mesh Both Wall Mounted

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The Callas Metal Mesh File holder is the best option for those who are willing to use it in the big office. The Callas file holder is made for those who require storing a lot of documents and the files. This product can be hanged to the nail or even wall mounted as per your requirements. As this is the vertical file rack for the office, you can make use of the free space of the walls to store the documents. This becomes useful in case your office has very little space to keep the documents. With Callas File holder and organizer, you can keep the files and folder organized.

The Callas Metal Mesh File Organizer comes with the five racks for holding the magazines, letters, documents, and the files. All five racks do come with the labeling feature, which will help you to label the racks according to their contents. Below the five racks, there is a shelf, which allows you to store the office accessories like Pens, Pencils, paper clips, and whatnot.

The mesh design made with the stainless steel wires makes it strong and sturdy. Also, the same thing makes this product lightweight. So, you can stack the files or documents with ease, and nothing will cause the issue. You can either hang it on the wall or even mount it. The manufacturer has included all the required screws and fasteners to hang or mount.

With this product, you can keep your desktop clean and organized. Also, it utilizes the free space of the wall, instead of taking the space on your desk or the floor. Fortunately, this product is pretty big enough to serve the business owners. With the dimensions of 12.8 x 4 x 16 inch, and the 6.6-inch depth of each rack, you can store a lot of documents with ease in Callas Metal Mesh File Rack and organizer.

  • Comes with Three Additional Compartments
  • Mesh Design with Steel Frame for Durability
  • Super Lightweight construction
  • No Rubber Feet to Avoid Skidding on Flat surfaces
Why is the Callas Metal Mesh Design File Holder and Organizer a Great Choice?

The office file racks are used to store all of the letters, magazines, and, most importantly, the files and folders. The Callas metal mesh design file holder is one of the best products available for the businesses. It is the only product on our list that can be used by hanging or mounting on the wall. It doesn’t take up space in your office as it’s hanging on the wall.

Also, the product is very big. You can store a lot of items in the file holder. Most of the file holders for the office are small and sit perfectly on the desk itself. But the unique construction and big size of this product make it accommodate more items and hang or mount on the wall, utilizing the free space on the wall.

#5 – Kurtzy Black Wire Metal File Rack 

Kurtzy Black Wire Metal File Rack

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The Kurtzy Black Wire Metal file rack is the last product in this list of the best steel file racks for offices in India. This high-quality black wire metal file rack has the four racks to store and organize the files and folders. The steel wire is coated with a special paint that prevents rusting and also provides additional strength to the overall construction.

Just like the other available options, the racks have the mesh design. The use of high-quality material and mesh design makes it lightweight. It’s great to keep your files and documents organized on the desk. The four racks are useful in storing and organizing the papers, documents, files, folders, books, and magazines. You can store anything you want that fits in the racks.

The mesh design in the racks ensures the proper airflow between the files. In normal cases, your files and documents would get dust deposits after a few days. But with this product, the possibility of the same is eliminated due to the proper ventilation. Not just that, but it can be washed easily under the tap water. All you have to do is to wash the product and let it dry naturally for a few minutes. In short, cleaning is pretty convenient.

This is the multipurpose product, as you can store almost anything that fits in the racks. It’s compact in size but still can accommodate a lot of items. The pricing of this product seems a little bit on the higher side, but it’s worth spending the money.

  • Made with Durable Steel Mesh
  • Decent Four Sheveles for Vertical Storage
  • Easy Assembly Process
  • Doesn’t come with the Rubber Feets
  • Can’t Handle much Weight of Books and files
Why is the Kurtzy Black Wire Metal File Rack for Offices a Great Choice?

The files and folders play an important part in the offices. Well, getting the hands on the right files when you need is the essential thing. The Kurtzy Black Wire metal file rack helps you with the same. It sits silently on your desk with all of the essential files and folders that you’ve stored in it. The black wire mesh design lets you peak through the contents of the rack and identifies the file that you want right now.

The visibility and the convenience is what makes the Kurtzy Black Wire metal file rack a great choice. It does not have any fancy features or anything like that. But, it works and is loved by the people who love minimalism and organization.

#6 – Cello Idea Storage Cabinet and File Rack 

Cello Idea Storage Cabinet

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If your office is small and you only have to store the files and documents, then the Cello Idea Storage cabinet for offices is one of the best things you can have. The Cello Idea Storage cabinet and file rack is made with durable plastic construction. You’ll feel the premium plastic from the outside. It’s like the secure file rack, which has the drawers to store the files and other documents.

With the four retractable drawers, you can’t store almost everything with ease. Be it the documents, papers, notebooks, or small files, storing everything is possible with the multi storage compartments. According to the manufacturer, this product can store up to 300 loose A4 pages per document tray.

The entire construction is made of plastic, so it’s a lightweight product. The assembly process is quite easy compared to the other products. The manufacturer has provided the detailed assembly guide, which you can follow to get this file rack for office in working conditions. It’s one of the best products for keeping it in your home office or the small office.

  • Suitable for Keeping the Documents
  • Super Simple Assembly Process
  • Large Storage Space
  • Made with Durable Plastic
  • Not Suitable for Storing Heavy Folders

#7 – Velesolv File Desk Organizer and File Rack for Office

Velesolv File Desk Organizer

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Velesolv file organizer is of the best and neat looking file rack and desk organizer that you can find in the market. With the horizontal storage and vertically stacked shelves, you can easily keep the files and folders organized. With the Metal mesh design, this product becomes lightweight and can accommodate a lot of files and folders.

The vertically stacked four-tier racks have more storage space for files, folders, documents, and even gadgets like smartphones and tablets. You can store the tablets on the top shelf for convenience. The shelves or the trays are removable, so you can easily disassemble it to carry it along with you. Also, cleaning the dusty shelves becomes easier with the same.

The assembly process of this product is quite simple. You get access to the detailed assembly guide, which will help you to complete the assembly in less than three minutes. With the simple assembly and sturdy design, this product earns the spot in the best file racks for offices in India.

  • Metal mesh Design
  • Easy to Remove Trays
  • Four Tier structure for more storage space
  • Easy Three-Minute Assembly Process
  • No Rubber Feet for Preventing the Skidding
  • Doesn’t stay firm on the smooth surfaces

#8 – Solo FS-201 File Rack for Office 

Solo FS- 201 File and Magazine Rack

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Small and portable file racks are one of the essential things for small offices; it’s essential to use file racks for organizing the important files and folders. The Solo FS-201 file rack for the office is made of plastic. The overall weight is not much, and you can easily carry it around with ease.

It has only one shelf, but you can store multiple files and folders. If you have big folders, then you can store up to three of them with ease. Not just that, it has a low neck design, which allows you to easily pull the folders and magazines from the rack and store them back. With such convenience, you’ll find it easy to use and organize your desk.

For the proper organizer, it comes with an index card, which will let you organize the different types of files. You can write on the index card and categorize the files and folders accordingly. It’s highly suitable if you always keep your files and folders in the cupboard and have no organization in your office.

  • Low Neck Design for Easy Usage
  • Good Storage Space
  • Lightweight and highly Portable
  • Can’t handle heavy files and folders
  • Plastic Quality is not so good

#9 – GoodWill Tech Desk File Tray for Office 

Goodwill Tech Desk File Tray Buy From Amazon

Having a cluttered desk is not good for productivity. With the GoodWill Tech Desk File tray for the office, you can easily clean up the mess and keep your files and folders organized on the desk. The GoodWill Tech desk file tray for the office comes with a four-tier setup, which is quite convenient to store a lot of loose papers, books, files, and folders with ease. As the trays are removable, you can easily clean the trays if there are dust and grime on them.

The Goodwill tech desk file tray does not have rubber feet, but it has a special stand that helps it stay sturdy on the desks and even the slippery surface. Just like the other metal file trays, it comes disassembled. But thankfully, this product has a three-minute installation, which is quite easy, even for the newbies. If you are looking for a simple yet useful file tray for light usage, then the GoodWill Tech desk file tray is one of the best products.

  • Removable Metal Trays
  • Three Minute Installation
  • Four Tier Design with good storage space
  • No Anti-Rust Coating on the Metal

#10 – DIVINEXT 4 Division File and Magazine Rack 

Divinext 4 Division File_Magazine_Book Rack

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For light usage, getting the simplest file and magazine rack is the only thing suitable for your needs. The DIVINEXT 4 division file rack is made with plastic and suitable for home office usage. It comes with four divisions to store heavy files and folders. You can store books and magazines on the same.

This product is made with plastic and doesn’t require any screws to hold everything in place. With the special assembly process, you can assemble all the plastic plates with ease. The side panels of the shelves are designed for better airflow between the files and folders. Due to the same, the dust won’t accumulate inside the files.

Not just that, it can handle the pretty good weight. As it’s made with plastic, you don’t have to worry about scratches and other damage to the desk or the floor. For the ultimate convenience, it comes with a detachable design. You can reduce the number of trays for this product. Also, there is the index card, which helps you organize the file categories with ease. In short, it’s the best product for those who love portable file racks for home office setup.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Four Storage Racks
  • Removable Racks for Convenience
  • Plastic Quality is Not good
  • Cannot handle heavy books or folders

Best File Racks for Office Buying Guide 

best file racks buying guide

#1 – Design 

Considering the type of design of the file racks is essential. There are two most common design styles available in the market. The first one is modular, and the second one is the standard. The modular design file racks are compact and shipped disassembled. They require manual assembly to start using it. The assembly process is quite simple, but some people may find it tedious. But the modular design file racks for offices are highly portable.

The other design style is Standard. The standard file racks are shipped as-is. They do not require any type of assembly process. They are pre-assembled, and you have to start using it. Mostly, the Standard style file racks are made with metal, and that’s why they don’t have such assembly requirements.

While you choose between the Modular and Standard, make sure to check if the file racks are vertical or horizontal. Sometimes, you have to store the files and folders, which need to be kept vertically. But, if you have a lot of unorganized documents and books, then you can store them horizontally. Make sure to consider the storage style for better convenience.

#2 – Material 

The durability of the file racks depends on the material used in construction. We find Plastic and Metal as the most common type of material used in the file racks. The plastic file racks are suitable for small offices and desks, which requires portability and also lightweight products. They are flexible but may not sustain for a long time.

Metal racks are very durable and heavy. You cannot easily move them here and there. But, you need to keep them stationary and store a lot of files and folders. The Metal racks are highly durable and will last for more than a few years with ease. Make sure to get the metal racks if your budget allows you to do so.

#3 – Storage Space

If you have a lot of files, folders, and documents to store, then you should not ignore the storage space. You’ll need multiple shelves in the file racks for the office. You are buying the file racks to store the files and folders and also to organize them. That’s why you should consider the number of shelves and overall storage space for keeping the files and folders with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 – How Do I Keep My Office Files in Organized Manner? 

To keep the office files, documents, and folders in an organized manner, you need to get the best file racks for the office. With the office file racks, you can organize, categorize, and store the files in an organized manner with ease.

#2 – What material is best for file racks? 

The file racks will be handling the files, folders, magazines, and even heavy books. For proper support, the only metal material is good. The plastic is not good for the file racks as it cannot handle the weight of the files and folders.

#3 – How much weight can file racks hold?

The weight holding capacity differs on the type of the files and also the type of material used in construction. The small file cabinets can hold not more than 10 kilograms of the files. The weight can be different according to the size and sturdiness of the file rack.

#4 – Do Horizontal File Trays Accommodate more files? 

Yes. The horizontal file trays accommodate more files than the vertical file cabinet. The horizontal file cabinets are Sturdy and suitable if you are going to store heavier files.

Final Words

The organization of everything is the essential part of working in the office. You have to organize the projects, organize the employees, organize the resources, and organize every other thing. Organizing and keeping important files and folders is very much essential. The hard copy of the documents and the physical files have not lost their importance even in this digital era.

All of the offices require maintaining hard copies of the important documents. Be it the shop act license, fees payment receipts, other licenses, important contracts, and many other things. Most of us keep the same in the files organized. We have the documents organized, but what to do when there are too many files? Well, we have to use the best file racks for the office.

We got the best file rack for our offices. In this post, we’ve shared the list of the best office file racks in India that you should not ignore. All of them are convenient, and you can keep it in your office to organize the files and folders. All you have to do is to scroll through the list and find the best product that suits your needs and the budget.


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