10 Best Digital E-Writing Pads in India (With Buying Guide)

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The Digital E-Writing pads are replacing the papers and notebooks. Taking the Digital Writing pads with you in the college or school will help you take notes quickly. Instead of typing the notes on your computer, you can take the digital writing pad and jot down everything. For those who cannot afford modern tablet computers, the digital E-writing pads work very well.

As the digital pads are not the same as the tablet computers, it’s relatively inexpensive. With the LCD screen and the pen that works on the pressure, you can easily write, sketch, and erase the same from the digital E-writing pads. Be it the kids or the adults, everyone can use this modern-tech notepad. If you are looking for the best digital e-writing pads in India, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are sharing the list and review of best digital writing pads in India, which you may find useful for your kids or yourselves.

Best Digital E-Writing Pads Summary:

10 Best Digital E-Writing Pads in India 

#1 – Portronics Portable Ruffpad E-Writing Pad 

Portronics Portable RuffPad E-Writer

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Product Summary:

  • Pressure-Sensitive Screen
  • Erase Button
  • 8.5-inch LCD Screen
  • Removable Battery Cell
  • Free Writing Pen

The Portronics Portable Ruffpad is the best seller product on the Amazon marketplace. It’s the most popular digital E-Writing pad in India, that is loved by millions of users. It’s a rough and tough portable writing pad, which has a pressure-sensitive LCD screen. The pressure-sensitive screen helps you to write in any thickness you want. With the lighter strokes, you can get thin lines, and with the pressured strokes, you can get thicker lines without any issue.

This Digital E-Writing pad from Portronics comes with the erase button. When you press the erase button, the entire text on the product is erased. This feature makes Portronics Ruffpad a reusable product. The button is very easy to press, which provides ease of erasing the text on the screen. To write on this product, you get a special writing pen. With this pen, you can easily write with pressure on this screen. You can technically use different pens, but using the provided one will help you to protect the display from scratches and damage.

The LCD is 8.5-inch in size, which is quite big. You can easily take long notes and start sketching on it without any issues. The green background is easy to identify in the dark lighting conditions. Also, for the color blind people, the green light is quite effective. The Portrnoics Ruffpad E-Writing pad comes with an inbuilt battery. This battery powers the LCD and is removable with the standard battery cell.

Ruffpad writing pad from Portronics comes with four magnets at the back. You can use these magnets to stick the writing pad on any metal surface. Be it the fridge, car, metal doors, or anything, it snaps right onto the surface. After that, you can easily write on the writing pad without keeping it in your hands. Portronics has taken care of launching this product in different colors. It is available in three color options, i.e., Black, Blue, and Pink. You can choose any color you want at the same pricing.

Why is the Portronics Ruffpad E-Writing Pad a Great Choice?

The Portronics Ruffpad E-writing pad comes with a lot of features useful for everyone. With the sleek design and an 8.5-inch LCD, anyone can easily hold this writing pad in their hands. There are no issues with the size as it’s quite optimal. The best thing about this product is the four magnets on the back. The four magnets are useful to stick this writing pad on the metal surface. So, you can write or sketch on it without holding the pad in your hand.

Also, the green background makes it easier to write or sketch on the same. The green backlit display with a one-click erase button proves useful for millions of people. The color-blind people who have difficulties in identifying a few colors find this product very useful for long-term usage. It’s safe for kids, so you don’t have to worry about any hazard to the kids.

#2 – Luhi 8.5-inch LCD E-Writing Pad 

Luhi 8. 5 inch LCD E-Writer Electronic Writing Pad

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Product Summary:

  • 8.5-inch Liquid Crystal Display
  • Sleek Design
  • One-click Erase Button
  • Replaceable Battery Cell
  • Erase Lock

The Luhi 8.5-inch LCD E-writing pad is another interesting product on our list. It is one of the most popular products in India, with a good number of positive reviews on the Amazon marketplace. It’s a sleek writing pad that has a high-end LCD screen for writing. The 8.5-inch LCD is great for writing and making sketches. With the same, it’s easier to use the tablet writing pad for the children and even the adults.

Just like any other digital writing pad, the Luhi E-Writing pad uses a pressure-sensitive LCD. The LCD screen records the keystrokes based on the pressure. By adjusting the pressure, you can easily make thick or thin lines while taking notes or making sketches. The pressure-sensitive LCD screen is usable with almost any kind of soft pen. Although the manufacturer provides the writing pen for the LCD screen, you can use anything with a blunt surface. But, using the original writing pen will provide you a better experience and also prevents the display from scratches and damage.

This product comes with an erase button, which helps you to clean the writing pad with one click. The one-click button automatically erases everything jotted on this e-writing pad. As it comes with a replaceable battery, you can count on thousands of erases with ease. For those who always accidentally press the Erase button, there is a tiny lock. The lock, when active, prevents the lock button from working, which is a very useful feature. The users have to deactivate the switch to start using the erase button. This product does not have many features but is quite good at this price point.

Why is the Luhi 8.5-inch LCD E-Writing Pad a Great Choice?

There are very few good digital e-writing pads in India. Amongst all of them, the Luhi 8.5-inch LCD writing pad is one of the most popular ones. It comes with a big 8.5-inch LCD screen, which is erasable. You get the erase button, which allows you to clean everything on the digital slate. Not just that, but it comes with a replaceable battery, which is useful for making this writing pad work for a long time. For writing on this pad, you get the writing pen made especially for this device.

Many people accidentally press the Erase button on the digital writing pad. For preventing any such issues, you get the option of Erase lock. The tiny lock below the Erase button prevents accidental button press. You can use the lock to prevent accidental press and unlock the same to start using the erase button. In my opinion, this is the best feature provided by the manufacturer in the Luhi 8.5-inch LCD Writing pad.

#3 – Proffisy Colourful LCD Screen E-Writing Pad

Proffisy Colourful Screen LCD Writing Tablet

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Product Summary:

  • High-quality ABS Plastic Construction
  • Colorful LCD Screen
  • Pressure-Sensitive Screen
  • Soft tip Writing Pen
  • One-click Erase Button

All of the products mentioned are mono-color writing pads. They do not support writing in different colors. For those who love a lot of colors while writing and making sketches, the Proffisy Digital E-Writing pad with the color LCD screen is the best option. This is one of the few colorful writing pads available in the market. It supports jotting text and lines in multiple colors, which is the best feature of this product as per my opinion.

The entire product is made with high-grade ABS plastic, which makes it a sturdy writing pad. With the colorful LCD screen, you can quickly write memos or make fantastic sketches with multiple colors on this device. The pressure-sensitive LCD screen makes it easy to use. The screen is very sensitive, making it easier to make thick or thin lines with pressure. To write on this device, you get a special pen. The pen is made with plastic and a soft tip, which provides adequate pressure on the display.

Not just the pressure, but the special tip is made with the materials that prevent scratches and damages on the screen. In my opinion, it’s a great feature. Instead of spending money on expensive whiteboards or chalkboards, you should invest money in e-writing pads. The Proffisy digital writing pad comes with the Erase button, which lets you clear everything on the screen. Unlike the chalkboard or the slate, erasing everything on this pad won’t cause any dust or harmful toxins. So, it’s relatively safe to use this product if you are letting your kids practice writing and sketching.

Unfortunately, the display brightness of the Proffisy LCD writing pad is quite low. So, if you use this product in low light conditions, you might face issues checking out the text on the screen. So, it’s better to use this product with bright external lighting conditions. For this pricing, it’s a great product and is available in three color options, i.e., Black, Pink, and Blue.

Why is the Proffisy Colorful LCD Digital Writing pad a Great Choice?

There are only a few multicolor digital writing pads in the market, and the Proffisy Writing pad is one of them. With a colorful display, you can write and sketch in different colors. Although you don’t have to choose colors, the different ones are distributed on the parts of the screen. The pressure-sensitive LCD screen is quite sensitive, which makes it smoothes display to write. With the slightest pressure, you can draw thin lines, and with a good amount of pressure, you can draw thick lines.

Also, the high-quality ABS plastic constructions make it the sturdier product in the market. For those who are tired of holding this writing pad in their hands, the manufacturer has provided two magnets in the back of the writing pad. You can stick this writing pad to any metallic surface with the help of magnetic. This is one of the best features that will give you some convenience while using this digital writing pad in India.

#4 – Techleads LCD Writing Screen Tablet

Techleads LCD Writing Screen Tablet Drawing Board for Kids

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Product Summary:

  • 8.5-inch Liquid Crystal Display
  • Powered by Button Cell
  • High-quality ABS plastic Body
  • Quick Erase button with Lock

If you are looking for the most affordable LCD writing pad for your kids, then the Techleads LCD writing screen tablet is the best option for your requirements. The good quality LCD screen makes it easier to write and make sketches. The text color is green, which is not that bright but suits the black background. Even though the display is of good quality, the brightness of this product is not that great. If you will use this device in low lighting conditions, then it’s not a great product.

This product is powered with a button battery, which is replaceable. Without the button battery, you cannot use the Erase button or adjust the screen’s brightness. So, it’s essential to keep the button battery cell handy for emergencies. The Display is quite flexible and covered with high-quality ABS plastic. The overall build quality is sturdy, which will protect the writing pad from minor fall damage. Unfortunately, the Techleads LCD writing screen tablet does not have magnets, so you have to hold it in your hands or keep it on flat surfaces.

Techleads LCD Writing tablet comes with a free stylus pen. The special stylus or writing pen helps you to draw lines on the smooth surface of the LCD screen. Although you can use any stylus pen for writing on this product, using the stylus pen provided by the manufacturer will help you retain the warranty, and also it does not damage the display in any manner. After writing with this smooth pen, you have to erase the contents to start using the writing pad again. Well, there is the dedicated Erase button on the front side. You can press the Erase button once to clear everything you’ve jotted on the device.

The 8.5-inch display is very useful for small kids. It’s the standard size for most of the electronic devices like Tablets and even small laptops. This is one of the most affordable digital writing pads in India, but holding it does not feel so. You don’t feel cheap while using this writing pad. Also, the weight of this product is not much, which makes it easier to handle and carry along without any issues.

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Why is the Techleads LCD Writing Screen Tablet a Great Choice?

#5 – Proffisy 11.5-inch Rechargeable Colourful LCD Writing Pad 

Proffisy LCD Writing Tablet 11.5 Inch Electronic Writing Board

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Product Summary:

  • 11.5-inch Colorful LCD Screen
  • Advanced Pressure Sensitive Technology
  • Dedicated Erase Button
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • MicroUSB Port

This is the second product from Proffisy in this list of the best digital e-writing pads in India. The Proffisy 11.5-inch Rechargeable LCD writing pad is bigger than the other product we’ve already mentioned. Unlike the other digital writing pad, it does not come with the normal battery cell but with a rechargeable battery, which is an advanced feature for digital writing pads. It’s the most expensive product in this list, but the set of features it offers is quite commendable.

The Proffisy 11.5-inch LCD writing pad comes with a high-quality LCD screen. The screen is capable of multicolor output. Unlike other writing pads with monochrome settings, this product is colorful and allows you to create multicolor drawings. The advanced pressure-sensitive display helps to write or sketch on this product with ease. There is no issue with the display, as the drawing on the LCD screen is flawless. With the smooth display, writing with the slightest pressure is possible. As it’s a pressure-sensitive display, you can easily draw thick and thin lines with the pressure. Be it your finger or the provided stylus writing pen; you can easily draw the lines on this product.

It’s an 11.5-inch product, which is great for everyone. With the big screen, the office goers can use it as a quick note-taking device. Also, there is no problem if you let your kids play with the device and explore the world of writing and drawing. For those who always face issues with erasing the contents on the screen, there is the dedicated erase button. With the dedicated button, you can erase everything on the screen with a single click. Also, there is the Lock button, which prevents the accidental Erase button keystroke. So, if you always accidentally press the Erase button, then you will find the Lock button very useful.

The best thing about this product is the rechargeable battery. With the rechargeable battery, there is no hassle of replacing the button cell every time it dries up. So, all you have to do is to use the MicroUSB to USB cable to charge this device. In the package, you get the user manual, the device itself, a Stylus pen, and the USB cable. It’s one of the most expensive digital writing pads in India, so not suitable for everyone.

Why is the Proffisy 11.5-inch LCD Writing Pad a Great Choice?

Amongst all of the products that we’ve listed in this post, the Proffisy 11.5-inch Digital Writing pad is the most expensive one. Also, it’s the biggest writing pad that you can find in the market. It’s one of the few writing pads in India, that can recharge with the USB cable. There is no need to change the button cells now and then frequently. The feature to recharge the battery is one of the best things that we found about this product.

Not just that, the device comes with a high-quality 11.5-inch LCD screen. The pressure-sensitive screen is very good for writing and sketches with ease. You won’t find any issue using this product. Also, the device comes with the Stylus pen, which you can use to write on the LCD screen. Not just the provided one, but the Proffisy LCD Digital Writing pad supports almost all of the plastic stylus for writing.

#6 – HOPz Multicolor LCD E-Writer Pad 

HOPz Multi Color LCD E-Writer Electronic Writing Pad

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Product Summary:

  • 8.5-inch Multicolor LCD Screen
  • One-Touch Erase Button
  • Pressure-Sensitive Display
  • Accidental Erase Prevention Lock

The HOPz is one of the new brands in the market selling the multicolor LCD e-writer pads. The HOPz Multicolor writing pad is one of the best in the market, considering the feature set. This digital e-writing pad comes with an 8.5-inch Multicolor LCD screen, with a one-touch erase button. The erase button comes with the Lock to prevent accidental erase while writing or drawing on the writer pad.

The LCD is pressure-sensitive, so you can easily draw thick and thin lines by putting the pressure. For those who are concerned, there is another 12-inch display option available with the same specifications. The body of this product is made with high-quality, durable plastic. The plastic prevents fall damage to the internal components and will not break the device.

If you are willing to buy this e-Writing pad for your kids, there is nothing to worry about. It is safe to use by kids. It works by using the replaceable battery cell, which you can easily replace, and can easily find the replacement cell in the market. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty on any manufacturing defects.

#7 – Brand Conquer LCD E-Writing Pad 

Brand Conquer® Latest LCD Writing Tablet for Kids 8.5 Inch

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Product Summary:

  • 8.5-inch Pressure Sensitive LCD Screen
  • Anti-Glare feature for Eye protection
  • Erase Button with Erase Lock
  • Sticky Magnets
  • Free Stylus Pen

Like HOPz, Brand Conquer is another new brand in the market, storming the market with stunning quality digital e-writing pad products. The Brand Conquer LCD E-writer pad is one of the best writing pads you can find in Indian markets. This is a multipurpose product, which is suitable for note-taking, writing, drawing, and illustrations. It is best for kids who want to unleash their creativity.

This product comes with an 8.5-inch Anti-glare LCD screen, which is pretty bright. The anti-glare feature prevents any strain on the eyes, effectively protecting them. The Display is also pressure-sensitive, which will help you draw a thicker and thinner line depending on the pressure you put.

Nobody wants a heavy digital writing pad. The Brand Conquer Digital LCD writing pad is ultra-thin and lightweight. You can easily carry it to your school, college, or office. The best thing we find about this product is the erase button. There is a one-touch erase button, which is useful to clear the display content. Also, the prevention lock prevents you from accidentally hitting the button and erasing the contents. With the one-year replacement warranty, this becomes one of the best products in the market.

#8- Zodo 8.5-inch LCD E-Writer Pad 

Zodo 8. 5 inch LCD E-Writer Electronic Writing Pad

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Product Summary:

  • Pressure Sensitive 8.5-inch LCD screen
  • Ultra-thin construction with ABS plastic body
  • Erase Button comes with Accidental Erase Prevention Lock
  • Battery operated – Requires Button Cell

Zodo Multicolor WritingPpad is made for those who want to use it for sketching and note-taking. It comes with a multicolor 8.5-inch LCD screen, which is very vivid. Even though the brightness levels are quite low, it’s a beautiful display. The Display is pressure-sensitive, making it easier for the users to draw thick and thin lines with slight pressure.

For writing on this product, you get a free stylus pen. The writing pad works with the provided stylus pen and nothing else. This Zodo digital e-writer pad gets the button cell’s power, which provides the power for nearly 100,000 erase cycles. The best thing about the battery cells is that it’s replaceable.

The design of this e-writer pad is very sleek and elegant. It’s an ultra-thin product, so you can carry it anywhere you want. With the one-click erase button, it becomes easier to clear the Display and start writing something else. Unfortunately, the selectively erase option is not available. The body of the Zodo LCD E-writer pad is made with high-quality ABS plastic. You won’t feel like holding the cheapskate product in your hands.

#9 – VeeDee LCD Writing Pad 

VeeDee LCD Writing Tablet

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Product Summary:

  • Pressure sensitive 8.5-inch LCD screen
  • Battery-less operations
  • One-click erase button
  • 100 Days replacement warranty
  • Anti-Glare coating for eye protection

VeeDee is the manufacturer of the Zodo Writing pad. And this is another product from the same manufacturer. The VeeDee LCD Writing pad comes with an 8.5-inch Display. The Display is not backlit but works on the ambient light. The more the ambient light, the more clearly you’ll see the display contents. Even though it works on ambient light, the display has an anti-glare coating, which reduces eye strain.

As this LCD Writing pad from VeeDee works on the ambient light, you don’t need any power. This is a battery-less digital writing pad. The Display is pressure-sensitive and has the one-click erase button. But nothing requires battery power, as it’s one of the few battery-less digital writing pads.

This product is multipurpose. You can use it for multiple tasks, like note-taking, making memos, drawing, illustrating, or writing anything you want. VeeDee LCD writing pad is similar to the other writing pads, but the only best feature is the battery-less operations, which is eco-friendly.

#10 – Boogie Board Blackboard LCD E-Writer Pad 

Boogieboard Boogie Board Blackboard Writing Tablet

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Product Summary:

  • 11-inch LCD Screen
  • Multipurpose – Useful as Digital Drawing pad and Digital Notepad
  • Exact Erase Technology for Quickly Erasing Display Content
  • Long Life Lithium Metal Battery

Boogie Board Blackboard LCD E-writer is one of the best products on this list. It comes with some advanced features that none of the listed digital e-writers have. This product is an LCD Drawing pad and E-Digital Notepad. It’s useful in taking interactive notes and drawings.

The Boogie Board Blackboard is reusable and feels like using paper and pen. With the special stylus pen, you will feel like you’re holding an ink pen. To reuse this LCD E-writer pad, you get the exact erase button, paired with the accidental erase prevention lock. With the press of the button, the Display will clear everything, and you can start using this digital e-writer with ease for taking notes or drawings.

As this is an advanced Digital writing pad, it comes with a lithium metal battery. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for more than a few months on light usage. It’s made in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about this writing pad’s quality. It is made with top-notch materials, and you’ll feel like you are holding an ultra-thin tablet computer. Even though it’s super expensive, you should buy this digital E-writer pad if you can afford it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 – How Does an E-Writing Pad Works? 

The Digital E-Writing Pad works with the help of Liquid Crystal Display and smart electronics. When someone scribbles on the screen, the liquid crystals in the display rearrange and shine. As the background is black, the scribbled text becomes visible. With the erase button, the display goes back to the normal state, and everything is erased effectively.

#2 – How Do I Connect a Digital Writing Pad to PC/Laptop? 

The digital e-writing pads do not support computer connectivity. They are to be used for taking notes temporarily. But some advanced writing pads do support computer connectivity. You can connect such digital writing pads to the computer and laptop with a MicroUSB cable’s help. Just make sure you have proper drivers installed in the PC/Laptop to make it work.

#3 – What is the Best Digital Writing Pad? 

There are hundreds of good digital writing pads in the market. But in our opinion, the Boogie Board Blackboard Digital Writing Pad is the best one. Writing on this e-writing pad is an excellent experience, and you will feel like writing with a pen on paper. Even though it’s expensive, it’s the best e-writing pad for the teachers.

#4 – Does a Boogie Board Writing Pad Needs Batteries? 

Yes. Boogie Board Blackboard Writing pad works on battery power. A lithium metal battery powers it. Fortunately, the battery is included in the package and is rechargeable. So, you don’t have to worry about replacing the same.

#5 – Can We Take a Writing Pad to Examination? 

No. You cannot take a Writing pad to any examination. Most of the examinations in India restrict using any kind of electronic device in the examination hall. So, you are not allowed to take any kind of writing pad to the Examination.

Best Digital E-Writing Pads Buying Guide 

The proper research is the key to buying the best products that are suitable for your needs. Without the research, you are nothing but gambling. If you proceed to purchase the best digital e-writing pads without any research, then you will end up with the overpriced and wrong product in your hands. That’s why checking out every aspect before buying any product is essential. With the digital e-Writing pads, you have to be extra cautious. If you are looking to buy the best digital e-writing pads, then you should first check out all of the aspects of the perfect device and then proceed further. In this post, we are sharing the exact tips or the buying guide for finding the best digital writing pads. With these tips, you can easily shortlist the best digital writing pad that fits your requirements and also the budget.

best digital e-writing pad buying guide

#1 – Size 

The digital writing pads are available in different sizes. You should not blindly choose any size that you find good looking. But, considering the requirements, dimensions, and even the usability of the size model is very important. For the writing, and writing pad between the size of 7-inches to 10-inches is sufficient. But that’s only suitable for the writing needs. If your primary need is the drawing, and secondary need is writing, then you should choose the devices that are bigger than the 10-inch mark.

Not just the display size, but as a concerned buyer, you should not ignore the overall size of the device. First check if you can store it in a safe place after use, or carry it around at your workplace in a small bag. If the answer is yes, shortlist the products and proceed to check the further points.

#2 – Writing Instrument 

The digital writing pads are electronic devices and work well with compatible accessories. You are going to write on the writing pad with the help of a pen or a pencil. But, check if you are getting the special pen bundled with the device or have to buy the external one. Most of the times the writing pads are sold with the pen, but sometimes you need to buy either a separate writing instrument or the normal pencil will work for writing on display. Well, that’s a technical factor that you should not ignore.

The common problem with such devices is that the pens are often lost somewhere. So, you should know if the product manufacturer sells the replacements for the pen or not. Also, check the display compatibility with other writing instruments. In case of an emergency, if you can get the replacement from the manufacturer, then it’s good. Otherwise, the device will be rendered useless.

#3 – Display Quality 

After considering the size and the accessories compatibility, you should move to the display quality. The digital writing pads are equipped with LCDs most of the time. But there are different variations in the LCDs. There are normal LCDs with Resistive touch screen, Capacitive touch screen, the HD IPS LCD  and many others. Always check if the device has the highest quality of display. Also, check for the display brightness. The display brightness is measured in the Nitz unit. Higher the brightness, the better the display quality.

#4 – Functions 

The writers need a lot of functions to work with the writing pad properly. If the device does not have a sufficient feature set, then you should not proceed with the same. The next thing you should check in any digital writing pad is the functions. The most common functions are customizability, fonts, colour and erase. If these four functions are not available in the digital e writing pad, then you should directly reject the product and look for the writing pads that do have these features. As these are the essential ones, you should never proceed with devices that do not have these functions.

#5 – Warranty Period 

The after-sales service is one of the most important factors that we should consider, but no one takes it seriously. When it comes to servicing after facing any technical difficulties, we suddenly remember about this factor. It is pointless to buy electronic products without the warranty offered by the brands. Having less warranty like the six months warranty is also useless. So, it’s better if the device has a warranty period of one year or more. Only choose the writing pads that are covered under warranty for more than one year. Otherwise, it’s better to ignore such devices.

Also, another important aspect is the availability of service centres. Without the service centre location, it is impossible to claim the warranty. So, make sure the brand has the service centre in your city, or in the nearby cities, where you can reach to claim the warranty and get the devices repaired.

As a buyer, you don’t have to worry about any of these points, as we’ve already done the research and listed these products. All of the products in this list are shortlisted after following the above-mentioned tips. You just have to check the entire list and order the best digital e-writing pad that suits your budget and the requirements.

Final Words

Scribbling your ideas and drawing on the paper is considered as the way to express yourselves. The writers and the painters always use the paper to express whatever comes in the mind. Also, providing the pencil and paper to the kids will let them draw or write anything they want, helping them to progress in writing and drawing. Well, it’s not efficient to waste that much paper for the sake of creativity and convenience. Instead, it’s better to use the Digital Writing pads with an LCD screen. Such writing pads are reusable and save a lot of money and paper. With this, you can take part in saving the environment by ditching the papers.

If you are interested in buying the best digital E-Writing pad in India, then you are in the right place. We’ve done our research and shared a few best digital writing pads in India, that you will find useful. All you have to do is to choose the best product from the list. Compare all the products on the features, requirements, and the budget and get the best one that suits your needs. Be it the kids or office going adults, everyone is going to get benefits by using the digital writing pads.


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