7 Best A4 Size Papers In India 2022

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A4 size paper is one of the most used paper for printing purpose in India. It’s an essential part of the stationary inventory. These days most of the documents, notes, sketches, and photocopies are printed on A4 size paper. Well, it has become the standard size paper for most of the day-to-day writing, reading, and printing jobs.

There are a ton of manufacturers of A4 size papers in the market. The people who have the requirements of A4 size paper have a lot of options. But choosing the best A4 size paper suitable for the requirements is quite a tricky option. The people have to check about different brands of A4 papers and compare their price and quality. Well, we’ve already done that for you. In this post, you’ll find the best A4 size papers which are available in India. All you have to do is check out these products and get the one that suits your requirement.

Best A4 Paper In India Summary:

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7 Best A4 Size Papers in India 

#1 – JK Copier A4 Size Paper – Recommended For Documents

JK Copier Paper

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  • ColorLok Technology
  • 75 GSM
  • Suitable with All Printers
  • Crisp Image Formation

The JK Copier A4 Size paper is the best seller product on Amazon Marketplace. It is at the top of this list due to the bestseller tag. It’s one of the most popular blank A4 size papers that you can find in the market. This paper is a blank white paper. The JK papers have made this paper with the utmost care, and that’s why the paper is pretty white. There are no dark spots or the yellowing of the paper at all.

The JK copier A4 size paper is ideal for photocopying. This paper is suitable for almost every type of printer. Be it the normal office printer, inkjet printer, or laserjet printer, printing on this paper is effortless. The prints are very sharp on this paper, thanks to the ColorLok technology. The JK ColorLok technology from JK ensures faster drying, bolder blacks, and vivid colors.

The ink dries faster, the black color becomes blacker, and the colors become vivid with the ColorLok technology. You don’t have to worry about the print quality on this paper. Even though it is a good paper for Colour printing, the experience is not that great. It is good for normal color printing for office and other requirements. But for the photos and others, there are better alternatives available in the market. It would be best if you do not use it for heavy color printing, as it will smudge the ink on the paper.

JK copier papers are known for high quality. The manufacturer has used high-quality material and ensured that the paper is of high quality. It’s a multipurpose paper, so you can use it anywhere you want. Be it sketching, writing, printing brochures, or just making origami crafts, you can do anything with this blank white paper from JK papers Ltd. Also, it’s affordable for most people, as you get 500 pages in each package. If you have big requirements, then you can get the papers in the package of 1,000 and 5,000 papers.

  • Highly suitable for Photocopying and Office Printing
  • Printer Ink Dries off Quickly
  • Minimum Machine Jamming
  • Superior Performance on Copier Machines
  • Not recommended for heavy color printing
Why is the JK Copier A4 Size Paper a Great Choice?

The JK Copier A4 size paper is the best seller product. It’s being used by millions of people in India. You’ll find this paper almost everywhere you go. This is a blank white A4 size paper suitable for multiple uses. It’s commonly used for printing and photocopying. You can use this paper in office printers, laserjet prints, and inkjet printers.

The special ColorLok technology from the JK papers Ltd is used in this paper. With the ColorLok system, the ink dries quickly, the black color stands out, making even the small text readable, and it shows the colors vividly. You don’t have to worry about the printing quality, as this 75 GSM paper is suitable for almost printing, writing, and photocopying tasks.

#2 – OFIXO Colour A4 Sheets Assorted – Recommended For Crafts Work

OFIXO 100 pcs Color Sheets

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  • Assorted Sheets
  • 40-70 GSM Thickness
  • 10 Different Colors
  • Origami Papers

If using the blank white papers only is not what you want, then you should check out the OFIXO Color A4 assorted sheets. The OFIXO Colour A4 size paper is the best one if you want some high-quality color papers. The color papers are quite useful in the arts and crafts industry. So, using the OFIXO Color A4 sheets is the best option for concerned parties. The A4 size paper from OFIXO comes in the assorted format, so you get multiple colors properly stacked.

The OFIXO A4 color paper is suitable for making cards, memos, crafts, origami, and even printing. Printing on this paper is effortless, as they are the same as the blank white papers. The only difference here is that the papers are colors. You can use these colorful OFIXO A4 papers with the office printer, Inkjet printers, and even the laserjet printers without any issue. You don’t have to worry much about the print quality, as the papers are quite thick and good in absorbing the ink.

With a thickness of 40 to 70 GSM, this paper set is useful for all kinds of stuff. Be it the arts and crafts or the printing, the variety of paper size ensures ease of use. The thick papers are useful for Crafts and Origami. On the other hand, the thin A4 size color papers are suitable for printing and writing. The paper is made from high-quality pulp and is partly eco-friendly.

The OFIXO color A4 sheets come in a stack of 10 papers of each color. You get ten colors, which means a total of 100 pages are available in the entire package. The pages are assorted quite neatly, helping you to choose the papers of the appropriate color from the stack. The OFIXO A4 color paper is only good for creative purposes, as they are not suitable for normal document printing purposes. As this is a color paper, it’s quite expensive if you compare it with the blank white paper. Nonetheless, they are useful for a different bunch of people, i.e., people with creative minds and requirements.

  • Suitable for making Brochures, Flyers, memos, etc.
  • Best for Craft and Origami Experts
  • Only for Creative Printing Requirements
  • 10 Assorted Colors
  • Not good for Normal Documents Printing
Why is the OFIXO A4 Size Colour Sheets a Great Choice?

Not everyone wants the blank white papers for printing and other stuff. The OFIXO A4 size color papers are great for those who want assorted color papers. You get 100 papers of A4 size in ten different colors. In short, you get a lot of variety in the papers. The thickness of the papers varies from 40 GSM to 70 GSM, which is quite great.

These are the multipurpose color papers. These papers can be used for printing the memos, cards, letters, artwork, drawing, painting, and origami crafts. Even though they are expensive, these papers are useful for the specific purpose, i.e., creative use.

#3 – TNPL Printing Blank White A4 Paper – Recommended For Documents

DHAYAN Printing Blank Paper 500 SHEET

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  • Bright 70GSM Paper
  • Supports 1440 DPI printing
  • Suitable with All Printers

The Tamilnadu Papers Limited has manufactured the DHAYAN Printing blank white papers. These A4 size papers are quite popular in the southern states of India. The TNPL Printing White A4 paper is a super bright white paper for printing. It’s ideal for printing documents, notes, and other essential printing tasks. This is one of the few papers that is eco-friendly.

The TNPL DHAYAN A4 size printing paper is made with recycled material. The manufacturer has taken care of nature by recycling the trash paper. There is no bleach used to de-ink the trash paper and make this finished A4 size paper. Even without the use of Bleach, this A4 size paper from TNPL is super bright. According to the photometry checking, the paper has 90% brightness, which means that the paper is super white.

The 70GSM paper is ideal for general printing requirements. However, you can use it for writing, sketching, and even for craft making. But, the primary use of this product is for general printing purposes and nothing else. This paper supports all kinds of printers. Be it the office printer, inkjet printer, or laser printer; it works perfectly fine. It supports quick ink drying, which ensures smudge-free printing with inkjet printers.

If you prefer using the laser printer, then you can use this paper for high-quality prints. The DHAYAN A4 size super-bright paper is suitable for 1440DPI printing with the laser printer. If your printer supports the same, then you can get highly precise printing done on this paper. In the package, you get a ream of 500 pages, which is enough for any small establishment. Even though the pricing is on the expensive side, you should not hesitate to spend money on this paper ream.

  • Super Fine and Bright Blank White Paper
  • Perfect Thickness for document printing
  • Ink Dries Pretty Quickly on this Paper
  • Partially Recycled Paper
  • Comparatively Expensive than Other A4 Papers
Why is the DHAYAN Printing Blank A4 size Paper a Great Choice?

Only a few paper manufacturers in India use recycling to manufacture the A4 size papers. The TNPL has used the recycled papers, and that’s how we get the DHAYAN printing super-bright A4 size paper. It’s a blank white paper with A4 size. It’s a super bright paper, which has a rated brightness of 90%. If you love using super white papers, then you will find this product useful.

The 70 GSM thickness makes it good for general printing requirements. It works perfectly with industrial printers, office printers, inkjet, and laser printers. The quick-drying feature makes it useful for the Inkjet printers, as it won’t cause any smudges on the printer paper with the inkjet printer. It’s quite expensive if you compare it with other products. But with the feature set, it’s a great product that’s worth spending the money on.

#4 – Bambalio BPG 180-50 Glossy Photo Paper A4 Size – Recommended For Photo Printing

Bambalio BPG 180-50

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  • 180GSM Thickness
  • Glossy Paper
  • Single-Sided

Not everyone wants the color or blank white papers for printing. For the special printing requirements like Photo printing, you need a special type of paper. The Bambalio BPG 180-50 glossy photo paper is suitable for everyone who wants to print a lot of photos on the A4 size paper. The Bambalio BPG 180-50 is an A4 size glossy photo paper suitable for printing photos, brochures, and graphics.

It’s a unique photo paper, which supports the quick-dry technology. You can ensure that the photos dry off quickly after printing it from the inkjet printer. So, holding the photos right after printing becomes easier as it won’t leave any smudges on the same. Just like any other photo paper, the Bambalio BPG 180-50 A4 paper is water-resistant. The glossy finish on the front side and the plastic covering on the rear side ensures the optimal water resistance for protecting the photos.

This paper is compatible with all of the popular printers like Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, and other popular brands. So, you don’t have to worry about printer compatibility while ordering this paper. The thickness of 180GSM is ideal for printing the photo. You can get the same paper with a thickness variant from the market; it’s a single-sided paper, meaning you can only print on one side of the paper.

The Bambalio BPG 180-50 Classic photo paper is available in a pack of fifty sheets. As this is a special type of paper, it is quite expensive. But as the photo papers are more expensive than the normal A4 size papers, you should not hesitate to spend the money. It’s worth spending the money considering the size of the paper and the usefulness of printing the media on paper.

  • Ideal for Printing the Photos
  • 180GSM Thickness Paper
  • Single-Sided Photo Printing Supported
  • Ink Dries off Very Quickly
  • Pretty Expensive
  • Needs only Photo Printer
Why is the Bambalio BPG 180-50 Glossy Photo Paper a Great Choice?

The photographers have the job of taking photos and printing them. There are millions of people who want the photos in the hardcopy instead of the soft copy. For serving such requirements, the Bambalio BPG 180-50 A4 photo paper is suitable. The A4 size paper is quite big for the normal photo album. But for using in the photo frames, color brochures, and others, this A4 size paper is a great option.

With the quick-dry system, the ink dries off quickly, allowing you to touch the printed photo within a few seconds. With the quick-dry, there will be no ink stain on the final print. The best thing about this photo paper is that it is compatible with all of the modern Inkjet printers. Although using this photo paper with a laser printer is not recommended, you can still do the same without any issues.

#5 – BILT Copy Power A4 Size Paper 

BILT Copy Power Paper

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  • Hi-Bright Paper
  • 75GSM Thickness
  • Quick Dry Technology

The next generation wants some high-quality paper for printing. The budget-friendly papers from the big brands are losing their charm. Now is the time for some next-generation A4 size papers. Those who think like this should check out the BILT Copy Power A4 Size paper. This is a super fine Hi-bright paper, which is suitable for printing the documents. If you need some high-quality products for precision printing, then the BILT Copy Power A4 paper is the best one that will fulfill your needs.

This paper supports quick ink drying for inkjet printers. If you prefer using the inkjet printers for fine printing, then the quick ink drying feature is the best one. The 75 GSM thickness of this paper is ideal for printing documents and other important things. It’s good for color printing, but it is not recommended to use it for printing photos. Casual color printing, like the documents, notes with minimal graphics, and others, is acceptable with this paper.

If you use the laser printer, then you can use this paper for fine laser printing at 1440 DPI. With the 1440 DPI printing, you can get the fine prints on the paper. Usually, all of the laser printers support the 1440 DPI printing, but the paper should be of the high-quality for the same. The manufacturer has taken care of using the sharp blades for cutting the papers. The smooth edges ensure jam-free usage in the printer. The only thing we don’t like about this product is the expensive pricing. This product is pretty expensive, and you should think twice before ordering it to fulfill your printing requirements.

  • Perfect for Document Printing and Photocopying
  • Precision Trimmed Edges – No Jamming in Printer
  • Ink Dries Pretty Quickly – Smudge Free
  • Expensive Paper Package
Why is the BILT Copy Power A4 Paper a Great Choice?

The next generation hi-brightness A4 size papers are getting all the attention. The hi-bright papers are suitable for clean printing. Be it printing the documents or the notes; if you prefer clean printing that looks perfect, then you should choose the BILT Copy Power A4 paper. It’s visibly brighter and whiter than the popular A4 size regular papers.

The 75 GSM thickness is suitable for the general printing requirements. It can be used for other purposes like drawing, sketching, and origami crafts. The best thing I found about this product is the support for high-precision 1440 DPI laser printing. With the same, you can print with precision on this paper without any issues. If you are not bothered by the expensive price tag, then it’s the best A4 size Paper in India for your requirements.

#6 – AmazonBasics 75GSM Eco-Friendly A4 Papers 

AmazonBasics 75 GSM

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  • 75GSM Thickness
  • Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper
  • High Brightness Paper

AmazonBasics is entering every industry, and recently they’ve entered the paper industry. The brand is now sourcing and selling some high-quality A4 size paper suitable for regular printing and photocopying. The best thing about this product is that it’s made with Agro waste. It’s made from Bagasse, which is a waste product from sugarcane. The paper quality is superfine and bright, but with a blue tint due to the use of agro-waste material.

The Paper is pretty bright and scores 88 on the brightness range. Also, AmazonBasics uses the special Twin Wire technology for manufacturing this Paper. The opacity is on the higher side due to the use of Bagasse. This A4 Size paper from the AmazonBasics brand is suitable to use with all kinds of printers. Be it the Inkjet printer or the laser printer, this Paper does not jam inside the machine and provides sharp print quality.

This paper is slightly different from the regular wood pulp paper. This AmazonBasics A4 size paper has less stiffness than the wood pulp paper due to Bagasse’s use. Nonetheless, it’s one of India’s best A4 papers for those looking for eco-friendly Paper for office and home printing requirements.

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • High Brightness Fine Paper
  • Smooth Texture and Feel
  • Works with All Printers
  • Opacity is high
  • Stiffness is not that good

#7 – Classmate Eco-Friendly A4 Size Paper 

Classmate A4 Size all purpose paper

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  • 100% Eco-Friendly A4 75GSM Paper
  • Multipurpose
  • Jam Free
  • Supports All Types of Printers

Classmate is one of the well-known brands in the stationery industry. We’ve all used or rather using the Classmate papers and notebooks in our day-to-day life. With the high-quality Paper, they’ve made the mark in the industry. With the Classmate A4 size paper, you can get the same notebook level experience for printing the documents or photocopying the same.

The Classmate A4 size papers are multipurpose. They are suitable for printing, photocopying, writing, drawing or even doing the basic origami tricks. The Paper is made with eco-friendly materials. So, there is no harm to nature if you use this Paper.

The overall quality of this Paper is superior. With the super bright Paper, you’ll find it excellent to write on the same or print the documents with utmost clarity. Using this Paper with any kind of printer is a cakewalk. The inkjet printer users always face the problem of smudges. But with the Classmate Eco-friendly 75GSM paper, on which the ink dries off quickly, you won’t face the issue. In short, it’s one of the best A4 Size papers in the market for fulfilling all your stationery needs.

  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Ink Dries off Quickly
  • Multipurpose – Suitable for Writing, Printing and Crafts
  • Very Expensive

Final Words 

The general printing requirements of the audience are pretty much the same. But the requirement of A4 size paper for different types of printing varies from person to person. Some people like to print the documents, some people want to use the paper for crafts, and some want to print the photos. Taking care of everyone and finding the best A4 size paper in India is a tedious task. Well, we’ve already completed the job of finding the best A4 size papers in India for various requirements.

We’ve listed the above products based on the popularity in the market, usability, feature set, requirements, and pricing. All of the papers are suitable for various requirements like general printing, precision printing, photo printing, and crafts. All you have to do is to find your primary requirement, then assess the budget and choose the best A4 size paper suitable for your requirements.


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