Winter Skincare Basics: Follow Them Religiously!

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Winter's here!

Winter’s coming! This not only means pleasant evening walks, hot cocoa and romantic classic movies snuggled on your comfy couch, but also dry, flaky skin that will keep getting patchy and worse if not taken care of. All that dryness with the nip in the air, pollution and aridity means extra nourishment needed ASAP. We give you basic winter skincare tips for the Indian weather that you must follow religiously to keep that skin glowing and alive!

Replace Your Cleanser

Your current face wash must be doing wonders for you, but it is recommended to replace it with a gentler one during winter. Get a cream-based cleanser instead of a gel or water-based one so it does not damage your skin’s natural oils due to harsh ingredients. This will definitely prevent irritation and dryness of the skin.

Trust Me, I’m The Sunscreen

If you thought you could shove that sunscreen bottle at the back of your dresser for a few months, we’d like to tell you you’re wrong. Your sunscreen is your soulmate, you need it to be with you for life. So whether it’s summertime or biting winters, always apply sunscreen, at least 20 minutes before stepping out. Lip balms too, come with SPF protection, which is great to keep your lips supple and nourished under the harsh winter sun.

Moisturize X 10

We cannot stress more on the importance of moisturizers for winter skincare. There is no such thing as too much moisturizer on your skin, so apply it generously at least twice a day. Go for an oil-based one that help to retain the skin’s moisture and acts as a protective layer. But all this can also lead to clogging of facial pores, so be careful in chosing the right one. Go for moisturizers that contain mineral oil, avocado oil or almond oil.


But before you moisturise, exfoliate your skin.Yet another step in your beauty regime, you may procrastinate when it comes to exfoliation. But its effects are underestimated. Exfoliation helps in diminishing dead skin, and why would you want anything ‘dead’ on you? It also helps to soak in the moist faster and deeper.

Hydrate Yourself

You know the uses of water are endless. Drinking enough water is absolutely necessary for healthy skin. It hydrates the body from inside out and really brings out the glow in your complexion. Lack of water in the body can lead to dry and dull skin. It is recommended to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day.

Goodbye Hot Showers

While the feeling of soaking in a hot water tub on cold mornings is irreplaceable, the drying effects it has on your skin are irrevocable too.  The intensity of the heat will break down the skin’s natural barrier lead to loss of moisture, making it vulnerable. Shower with luke warm water instead and spend me-time by soaking in therapeutic moisturizing bath beads and salts.

Don’t Peel

Avoid masks and other such beauty regimes. Do not use toners that are alcohol based. Keep away from face peels unless they are thoroughly hydrating ones, and go for milk based cleansers instead.  A great replacement for facemasks and peels are natural, fresh fruits such as bananas, kiwis, lemons and cucumber that you can just place on your face and relax for 10-15 minutes.

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