Apps To Shake Your Bad Habits Off

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We all have that one conversation in the day with someone complaining about a habit they are trying to break. Bad habits are insidious and are very hard to break for weak willed people like us. Most bad habits are as common as the cold and obviously- there’s an app for that. Being chained to our smart phones can have its advantages- heck we can’t even poop without them! Here is a list of tried and tested apps to help us break out of those certain habits we have been trying to get rid of for years.

Not drinking enough water: The age-old wisdom says to drink eight 8 glasses of water a day. Picturing those eight glasses lined up side-by-side makes it seem like an awful lot of water to intake.  There have been times when you may go without drinking a glass of water without realising it. For people like those the Water Your Body App is perfect. It’s a simple concept, really. You just stack empty containers on a table until you reach a daily goal intake of water. You need to enter your weight and the app shows the daily intake of water you need. It reminds you every hour if you haven’t updated the amount of water you drink.
Water Your Body Free for iPhone and Android.

Water Your body App
Water Your body App

Staring continuously at the screen: Staring at a computer monitor or phone for hours on end has become a part of the modern workday. Inevitably, all of that staring can put a real strain on your eyes. When playing games, browsing or reading books, your eyes can lose their health.
Just install the Eye Savior app and choose maximum usage period and it will tell you when it’s time to take a rest. The app also has exercises you can do while you take a break.
Eye Savior free for iPhone. Eye Health Saver free for Android.

Eye Saviour App
Eye Savior App

Slouchy posture: Do you spend hours on the computer at work or bent over playing games on your PSP?  Poor posture has become such a common habit that we don’t even notice it. And slouchy posture isn’t sexy at all. The Posture coach app is here to help! The app needs to be placed in your pocket when you are in the posture you want to maintain and vibrates at regular intervals if you move out of it. A little impractical when you use a dozen different apps every day. But it’s worth a shot.
Slouchy Posture free for iPhone. Posture Corrector free for Android.

Posture Coach App
Posture Coach App

Too Much Coffee: We all swear by coffee to kick-start our mornings. But how much coffee is too much? If you use coffee as a crutch to raise your energy throughout the day or feel irritated or restless if you haven’t had one cuppa in a while; then you might be addicted. The key with coffee, like most other things is moderation. The Coffee counter app helps monitor the amount of coffee you consume every day. The app gives you statistics on how many cups of coffee you drink through the week and what time do you drink the most amount of coffee which will help you analyse when and how to distract yourself when you have the urge.
The Coffee Counter, Rs.55 for iPhone, free for Android.

The Coffee Counter App
The Coffee Counter App

Beat The Butt: Counter one of the most common vices with the KickIt app. This brilliant app is like having a pep talk from a buddy. It has a reminder list which updates you with good news about your body’s progress in healing from the damage caused by cigarettes. Most importantly it shows the money you’ve saved by not smoking. We couldn’t ask for better motivation.
KickIt free for iPhone. Kwit (similar) free for Android. 

KickIt App
KickIt App

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