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As the novel Coronavirus, Covid 19 has affected several countries of the World; India is one of them. Due to this Covid 19 pandemic, all the governments of India announced lockdown in different states of the county. Tamil Nadu government has also announced a complete lockdown in the state. People can only travel when they have an ePass. So, people are searching for How to apply for TN ePass online or how to check the status of Tamil Nadu ePass. So, here we are with this article, “Apply For Tamil Nadu e Pass Online | Check TN e Pass Status,” which will help you to get an ePass. Here, you will learn about the rules, mandatory documents, and eligibility criteria to apply for Tamil Nadu E Pass.

Apply For Tamil Nadu e Pass Online

Mandatory Documents to Apply for TN E Pass

Before applying for a Tamil Nadu ePass, make sure you have all documents that are listed below.

  • An Id Proof (Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card / PAN Card)
  • Address Proof
  • Employment ID
  • Your Vehicle License
  • Medical Prescription (If any)

Tamil Nadu E Registration

To apply for TN E Pass, you will require the documents that are listed above. If you have all the documents, then check whether you are eligible to apply for Tamil Nadu ePass or not. You can check the eligibility criteria to apply for TN ePass below in this article. If you are eligible, you can follow the instruction listed below for Tamil Nadu E registration.

  1. Firstly, visit from your device.
  2. Then you will be landed on the home page, from where you have to select whether you are a resident of India or belong to some other country.
  3. Now, a new page will open on your screen where you have to fill up your details and the generated OTP with captcha code.
  4. After the successful verification, it will ask you to select your ePass type. Select according to your requirement.
  5. Then an application form will generate where you will have to fill up the required details correctly.
  6. Also, attach the required documents there.
  7. And you are all done. Now, wait for government authorities to approve your application. Till then, you should check TN E Pass Status regularly.

Check Tamil Nadu ePass Status

After submitting the application successfully, you will have to wait for some time to get your application approved by the government authorities. And this process can take time. So, you will have to check your Tamil Nadu E Pass status regularly. You can follow the instructions listed below to check the status of TN ePass.

  1. First of all, visit
  2. Then log in with your application and phone number.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to a page with a lot of application numbers. Search for your application number and click on Search.
  4. Then it will show you whether your application has been approved or not.

Rules Of TN E Pass

  • Only certain people can apply for the TN ePass. The government of Tamil Nadu has set eligibility criteria for applying ePass that includes workers who are working in Government Duties, the medical field, etc. Also, certain activities have been exempted from the Tamil Nadu E Pass. The activities include Agriculture, Fishing, Animal Husbandry, Plantation, Supply Essentials, and more.
  • No person is allowed to travel to or from Tamil Nadu without an E Pass. ePass is mandatory for traveling.
  • Although the nearby states have changed their rules for traveling, E Pass is still mandatory in Tamil Nadu even when you are traveling out of the country.
  • You will have to carry your ID proof along with your e Pass and also mention the vehicle number in your application form.
  • And after traveling, you will have to keep yourself home isolated for 14 days.
  • The reason for applying ePass should be valid. And the details you provide should be correct.

Eligibility Criteria

The government of Tamil Nadu has limited the eligibility criteria to apply for an ePass during Covid 19 pandemic. People who can apply for a TN ePass are listed below.

  • Workers on Government Duties
  • People who are in Police Services
  • Workers who are working in Fire or Electricity department
  • Workers of Water department
  • People who are working in any medical field (doctors, nurses, chemists, etc.)
  • Health Workers
  • Bank Employees
  • Patients with valid medical prescription
  • People with any death case
  • Workers who are working on any medical services

Note that if you belong to any of these categories, then you can apply for Tamil Nadu ePass. But before that, you will have to provide proof for these reasons.

Exempted Activities

The government has announced the complete lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic. But still, there are some activities that will keep running during the lockdown too. And those activities include the following names.

  • Activities related to Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry activities
  • Activities related to Plantations
  • Fisheries
  • Movement, loading, and unloading of goods
  • Activities to supply essential goods to citizens of Tamil Nadu
  • MSMEs Outside Greater Chennai Police Limits

Declaration of Tamil Nadu ePass

The government of Tamil Nadu has set a list of declaration that has to be made by the person who is applying for an ePass. Following are some declarations that are essential to be made.

  • The principle declaration is that all the details provided by you in the application are correct and accurate. If they are discovered false or dishonest, legal actions will be taken against you.
  • Not all applicants can get ePass. Some of the applications can also get dismissed without giving any notification. So, you will have to declare that you cannot protest against the same.
  • The last declaration that the applicant has to make is that they will limit themselves to 14-day home isolation. They can only come back to their area after the completion of 14 Day isolation.


So, this is how you can apply for TN e Pass online. This article, “Apply For Tamil Nadu e Pass Online | Check TN e Pass Status” includes all the necessary information about the Tamil Nadu E Pass. You will learn about the ePass registration online, how to apply for E Pass in Tamil Nadu, and a lot more.


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