8 Things That Will Help You Maintain Youthful Skin

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For some people, the focus tends to be all about their body. They want to lose weight, they want to firm up or they want to see more muscle definition and tone.

Basically, when it comes to their appearance, all they think about is how their body physically looks.

But, do not neglect the influence that having youthful and radiant skin will have on your overall appearance as well. It’s a must that you make sure you are taking steps to look after your skin because doing so is what will help ensure that you put your best face forward in every situation you encounter – literally.

Taking good care of your skin should be a comprehensive process because so many factors will influence how your skin looks and feels.


Let’s go over a few of the top things that will help you maintain youthful skin

1. Moisturize Regularly

The first thing that you should be doing is making sure that you are moisturizing regularly. Using a good moisturizer is going to enhance the elasticity of the skin and it also helps to reduce dryness from occurring.

As soon as your skin has a dry and lacklustre appearance, it’s instantly going to make you look older.

You may also want to seek out skin moisturizers that contain vitamin E and collagen as well, as it tends to enhance the skin’s complexion even more.

2. Eat Foods Rich in Fatty Acids

Make sure that your diet is rich in plenty of omega fatty acids. These fatty acids are not only incredibly healthy for your body as they will help to fend off a number of diseases and promote greater insulin sensitivity, but they also will help you maintain your youthful glow as well.

Those who have diets rich in foods such as salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds will find that they look a lot healthier and sport fewer fine lines.

Most people aren’t currently taking in enough of these foods in their everyday diet. So, start making an effort to eat more or use an omega fatty acid supplement.

3. Always Wear Sunscreen

Also make sure that you never leave home without sunscreen. Even if it isn’t all that sunny out, you still need a generous dose of SPF.

Sun damage is one of the greatest reasons for less than youthful looking skin and is very preventable if you are sure to be using sunscreen regularly.

If you can’t get sunscreen for whatever reason, at the very least, wear a hat.

4. Avoid Make-Up on Some Days

Moving along, try and go make-up free a few days throughout the week if you can as well. This will help to unclog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe better and reduce the chances of blemishes and pimples.

If you can’t go without make-up, at least wash it off when you come home for the evening. There’s no need to be wearing that layer on your skin if you’re just sitting at home.

5. Drink More Water

Nothing cleanses the skin like a high intake of clean water. Make sure that you are getting at least 8 glasses of water a day – more if you exercise or happen to be flying.

This will help to also reduce dryness of the skin and bring back your youthful glow.

6. Eat Vitamin-C Rich Foods

Another nutrient that you need to be taking in regularly if you want to maintain healthier looking skin is vitamin C rich foods. Start focusing on including plenty of strawberries, grapefruits, oranges, peppers, and papaya’s in your diet as often as you can.

These will help to strengthen the skin and in addition to that, boost your immune system as well.

7. Practice Good Stress Control

Finally, the last step to making sure that you maintain as radiant of an appearance as possible is to really focus on limiting the amount of stress that you experience on a day to day basis.

Stress is really going to take its toll on your skin’s appearance and will cause premature wrinkling to occur.

Go for long walks, write in a stress journal, call a friend, take a bath – do whatever it takes to minimize the stress in your life.

If you can be sure to get these quick tips in place, you can feel confident you’re doing everything to promote healthier skin.

8. Quit Smoking

You can of course continue if you want pre-mature wrinkling, bags under your eyes, scaly skin and icky teeth! Cigarettes no matter how relaxing you think they are can never do your skin any good. Good news is that there are several natural ways that can help you quit smoking, among these hypnosis and NLP and fast gaining popularity as effective smoking cessation techniques.

These tips should hopefully help you keep your skin glowing! Good Luck!


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