7 Fab Ways To Wear Dungarees This Summer

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We’ve been witnessing comebacks of the 50s, 60s and even the 7os every other season, and love imitating the fashion trends of these decades. But the return of the 90s has the most significant effect on us, as many of us actually grew up in these times. Nostalgia alert!

You were probably a little minion and ran around wearing cute denim dungarees. While perceived to be only kidswear, you are now officially allowed to sport a pair of dungarees or overalls without being judged.

And yes, how to wear them has changed drastically since you last checked. Here are 7 ways you can style your dungarees and look ultra chic (and super duper cute!) in them.

1) Dungarees  + Jacket


As a kid you probably wore a cute tee underneath your dungarees and never thought of layering your look. But times have changed. You need to look chic wearing it. Pair your overalls with a bomber jacket for a sporty look or a blazer for a more formal look.

2) Dungarees + Crisp White Shirt


Look like a cow girl in a dungaree dress with a classic white shirt. Go all white and minimalistic or add in a few gold accessories for that divalicious appeal.

3) Dungarees…Only


Wear a well fitted, jumpsuit-like dungaree and skip the tee! However, you might want to wear a tube under it to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

4) Laid Back Dungarees


Wear your dungarees short especially for the hot summer months. Even better if you let one side loose!

5) Dungarees + Crop top


How to look like a walking fashion trend report? Crop tops, check; dungarees, check; platform sneakers; check- voila! Mademoiselle fashionista!

6) Put A Belt On It


If you love your dungarees so much then you should put a belt on it! Plain white tee + denim dungarees + belt makes it a super chic combo and very easy to try.

7) Beachwear Dungarees


Going for a swim? Don’t forget to carry your dungarees. Yes you heard it right- after you’re done with your swim and you wanna relax by the beach and get some sunshine, slip on a dungaree dress. Oh! The number of uses it has!

And you thought that runways are full of over-the-top looks?!

How do you like to style your dungarees? Drop a comment and let us know


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