7 Vintage Hairstyles To Try This Party Season

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Stir up your New Years Eve look with a retro twist to modern dressing. Channel your inner vintage vixen for a va va voom style that will set the temperature soaring. We give you some vintage hairstyles to try this party season, pair them with eyeliner flicks for a unique touch to your regular style.

The Beehive

Amy Winehouse was all about the Beehive and made it quite iconic even today. This style is all about the volume so blow-dry your hair upwards from the roots for a lift. Plenty of backcombing and teasing and of course, generous amounts of hairspray will go into perfecting this look. Once you have the desired amount of volume on the crown, you can pin it into a half-pony or into a glam updo for a night out.

Amy Winehouse

Finger Waves

Bring out the flapper girl in you with some gorgeous finger waves. Best suited for short to medium-length hair, pair it with bright red lips for a Marilyn Monroe inspired charm. Add a head piece around your forehead to really get into the Gatsby style. Learn how to do it here.


Scarf Magic

The easiest way to add a touch of retro to your style is by simply tying a scarf on your head. Your hair can either be loose or tied up into a bun or a loose ponytail. Just make sure to tie a big knot on the top of your head towards one side. You can stick to the classic polka-dotted scarf or go a bit modern with tribal or chevron prints.


Victory Rolls

The quintessential 1940’s hairdo, Vintage Rolls are an ideal way to master retro chic. All you need is a brush, bobby pins and hairspray. Basically, all you got to do is section your hair into a triangle from the parting to your ear. Lift up the section and begin rolling it around your finger from the tip till you reach mid-length, before gently sliding your finger out and continuing rolling it till the scalp and using 3-4 pins to secure it in place. Finish off with hairspray. It takes some practice, but once you perfect it, never have a boring hair-day!


The Bouffant

It was all about big hair and gravity-defying volume back then. A slightly softer version of the beehive, try this hair-do to give the illusion of thick, lustrous hair. You need to have the patience to spend a lot of time backcombing and emptying bottles of hairspray to get the look. An easier alternative is to comb your hair on top of some stuffing and pinning it.


The Farrah Flick

For a carefree look straight from the swinging 70’s, try the Farrah Fawcett inspired flicks. Achieve this gorgeous style that looks fab with jeans or a party dress, by blow drying your locks away from your face using a big round brush and flicking the ends outwards.


Teased Side Pony

A flirty feminine hairstyle that is super easy to achieve for a romantic, vintage touch. Just backcomb your hair at the crown for some volume and tie into a low pony at the side. Wrap a section of hair around your hair-tie and pin it at the bottom. Pull out a few tendrils to frame your face for a softer look.


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