5 TV Series That Make Women Look Stupid

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Have you ever felt that many of the popular TV shows do not give due credit to our intelligence? News flash: We have much more to talk about than just shoes, clothes and vanity in general. We do not fall for every Tom, Dick and Harry, and we can make smart relationship decisions.

Here are 5 shows that make women look frustratingly dumb.

1) Sex And The City

sex and the city

Four women with incredibly messed up brains and very low cranial capacities meet and become besties. Carrie, the popular sex columnist pretends to be an independent woman but when has she ever been single for a good span of time? She doesn’t care about solving her lame problems but would rather find new ways of escape-sex, shoes or hanging around with her equally self-obsessed lady friends. Finds a perfect man (Aidan) and cheats on him with Mr. Big, who can never really commit.

sex and the city

Charlotte the “waiting-for-knight-in-shining-armour” girl marries Trey and cheats on him with a gardener. Seriously? Samantha just can’t keep her pants on. And Miranda has control issues. But we’re glad they have each other, even the really stupid need someone who cares about them.

2) Desperate housewives

Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives

While we trusted Bree to be the more sensible of the lot, the moment she hits the rough road we see her becoming an alcoholic who picks up a different guy each night.
What sort of a nut would burn down someone’s house in spite? Susan did.
Gabby is so self-contained she doesn’t even know when to stop while feeding her cellulite ridden pampered daughters.

We hope we don’t end up so desperately stupid!

3) Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Serena, how can you fall for every guy that smiles at you? How do you believe that every guy who checks you out with the most lustful eyes loves you? Poor dating decisions, cheating on your best friend with her boyfriend, disappearing randomly and deciding not to go to college after high school. Get a grip, girl!

4) That 70s show

That 70s show
70s show

Four guys, two girls; a group of young teens high on intoxicants, low on IQ, this one’s not just about the women. Jackie, the narcissistic girl eventually gets with three of the four dumb men on the show. Now that’s what a sensible woman would do, obviously.

5) Awkward


Hello, ladies. Meet Jenna, the leading lady of Awkward. She loses her virginity to a dude at a high school summer camp, continues having a physical relationship with him until she falls for his best friend. Later the vacillating girl chooses the summer camp dude over her caring boyfriend. Eventually she gets bored of him as well and cheats on him with a guy called Collin. Really? Are we supposed to get inspired by this girl? Now that is awkward!

As much as you might enjoy watching some of these shows for some mindless fun, do not try to be a Carrie or a Serena – you are much smarter than them!

Drop in your comments and let us know which TV characters inspire, or rather un-inspire you.


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