5 Supereasy Hairstyles For Work You HAVE To Try

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Imagine if Rapunzel had to go to work every day, no chance she would be able to maintain her tower-long hair, right? Similarly, you may not have to time to look a la mode in the midst of all the work and backlogs. We show you 5 easy hairstyles that will change your look from drab-to-fab in less than 5 minutes. Stay in vogue, while managing files and delegating work, even when you have had on-the-move breakfast or a hurried shower to get to work.

Twisted Ponytail

This is the easiest and fastest hair styling technique for a busy day.
a. Take a strand of your hair from the crown.
b. Twist it till it looks like a horizontal roll.
c. Take to the base of your head and secure with pins.
d. Next, tie this strand along with all your hair into a ponytail.
Also, try the back, side and bun variation if you like. Thankfully, it works well with, wavy, straight and curly hair. So, ladies get to work looking gorgeous. Try this link to get the complete tutorial.

Easy Hairstyles
Easy Hairstyles

Long Mane Ponytail

This style works best with straight or soft wavy hair. It makes you look confident and lady like. Here’s how it is done:
a. You need to divide your hair horizontally in two part.
b. Tie a high ponytail (for the upper section) and a low ponytail (for the lower one)
c. Combine the remaining hair of both sections into a single ponytail.
If you have an extra minute, wear a few accessories and puff-up your hair from the front for a chic, formal look. Check out this link to learn more.

Easy Hairstyles

Half Twist + Hair Bow

If you want to show off your long hair, but leaving it loose keeps you distracted, then you should try this.
a. Take a section of hair that you tie in a half ponytail.
b. Now, instead of putting a clip, twist the left hand side hair and pin it to the right. do the same for the other side.
c. Secure with more pins so that it lasts through the day.
d. If you are feeling adventurous, tie those two strands (left and right) into a bow instead of pinning.
e. Use a bobby pin to secure.
That’s it you’re done. Take a look at this link for the twist style and this one for the bow.

Easy Hairstyles
Easy Hairstyles

Short Hair Twist

Don’t have long, beautiful hair to show off? Worry not; we have just the easy and smart hairstyle for you.
a. Divide your hair into two parts vertically.
b. Twist the end of right side of the hair and pin it to the opposite side. Do the same for the left side.
c. Further secure with pins.
Bet you will look adorable, all day long. This works for mid-length, curly, straight and wavy hair. Take a look at this link.

Easy Hairstyles

Hair Knot

Remember how our grandmothers tied knots in their hair? Well, that may have been slightly strange. But, you may use the uber cool version of the knot, for your hair.
a. Divide the lower hair into two halves.
b. Tie them into a knot like you do with ropes. Secure with a clip temporarily
c. Pin you other hair and strands.
d. Remove the clip and tie another knot.
e. Secure with a rubber band
Now, you may choose different hair accessories depending on your outfit. Check out the tutorial here.

Let us know if you have any fast and fun hairstyle that you try at work,

Easy Hairstyles

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