26 Signs You Are An Alcoholic

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Now now, relax. No need to jump at the sound of that label. All I mean is you love your alcohol, you believe it really helps people loosen up, and you enjoy your share of the magic potion every now and then. To hell with tags, for you are definitely not alone. Read the signs and raise your glass to the ones that you can relate to. Cheers! *Hic*

1) Several times a day you find that you are either thinking to yourself, saying out loud, or often screaming these very words: “I need a drink.”


2)  You decide whether to attend an event or function based on whether there will be alcohol.


3)  You speak of some dudes called Jack, Jim, Johnny. You also seem to know an aged monk very well.

4) You completely know and understand the words: ‘smashed, gone, sozzled, hit, wasted, tipsy, high, buzzing’.

5) You have begun many a night thinking you won’t drink at all.

6) You have ended many a night thinking you will never drink again.

7) You have a peculiar and random ability to befriend fellow drinkers.

8) You’ve played every drinking game there exists. You have also, at some point, invented your own drinking game.


9) You have very often been the designated bar tender at a party.

10) You have claimed you quit alcohol a lot of times in the past. The world may not understand, but you meant it. For that time period, anyway.

11) You love Goa; for the beach, the sun, and the sand. But most of all for it being the only place where it’s socially acceptable to have a drink with breakfast.


12) You could write an entire thesis on drunk dialing.


13) Alcohol turns you into a fabulous singer. It’s amazing right?

14) You suddenly understand the deeper meaning of a lot of songs when you’re drinking.

15) Your weekend isn’t complete without a few drinks. Come to think of it, nor is your week.


16) You find yourself innocently (and genuinely) asking people why on earth do they not drink?


17) You are okay with some of your friends not drinking for every alcohol loving group needs a designated driver.

18) You have smuggled alcohol into your room/home/a wedding.


19) What you would give to be this guy:

20) You think a hip flask is the best thing ever created.

 21) Okay scratch that, the best thing ever created was Party Smart.

22) You know how to deal with a hangover #likeaboss.

23) You always have a solid reason to get drunk.


24) To continue with the talent-fest, you also are an ace dancer after a few drinks. Move over Govinda.


25) You love alcohol for let’s face it, it just makes life better.


26) And lastly, the best nights of your life would have to be the ones you don’t really remember.  They actually are just a happy, hazy blur and that’s something you would never want to change.

I urge you to see this post in the lightest vein possible, you good-sport-drunkard, you.

PS: Liked it? You can totally prove it by sharing it and buying me alcohol. Cheers :)


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