16 Home Remedies For A Pain-Free Period

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The mild weakness, uncomfortable feeling, acne and—worst of all—the pain! We dislike periods for a number of reasons. When it comes to dealing with stomachaches at that time of the month, you are fast to pop a painkiller. But regular use of these medicines can have serious side effects.

So do you HAVE to suffer in pain? Not really! Here are some natural ways to deal with your period pain. Read on and ditch the pill.

16 Home Remedies For Period Pain

1. Don’t skip the fitness regime. Stay on track with walking, jogging, gym or yoga—even when you feel weak or down. It is the only way to keep your body healthy and your hormones more or less balanced.

2. Don’t give in to the temptation. PMS will get you to crave sugar and salt from junk food. But don’t go over to the dark side. These foods will cause more bloating and pain.

3. Eat healthy. Replace chocolate with fruits and salty chips with salad. We know it doesn’t sound fun, but will be totally worth it when the period arrives.

4. Continue with your vitamins. Don’t take your health supplements lightly, even when you feel better. They help your immunity stay strong, even during your period.

Home Remedies For Period Pain

5. Don’t have meat, caffeine, alcohol or smoke. Yes, we know you crave a drink on the first day, but it will only lead to dehydration and, in turn, worsen the stomachache.

6. Don’t use your tampons or sanitary napkins for long. Research shows that using the same napkin or tampon for more than three to four hours can lead to infections.

7. Don’t stress. Stress is a major trigger to aggravating any kind of pain, whether it is your back or stomach. Listen to soothing music while working, or spend 10 to 15 minutes meditating or relaxing. Taking short naps at work will also help.

8. Have a bowl full of berries with green tea. Tea is known to soothe the pain and berries have natural antioxidants that improve your body’s resistance to infection and pain.

9. Have crushed basil leaves. Basil leaves have natural painkilling properties. You will thank us later.

10. Get a hot water bag or heating pad that helps relieve the pain. Warmth helps deal with pain better, so turn down the air-conditioning at home or in the office.

11. Try these exercises while at home or in the office. They will release the gas in your stomach and help soothe the pain. However, ensure that you do them gently without hurting the muscles.

12. Sip on some fresh lime soda. Soda helps get rid of gas, which in turn works wonders to get rid of pain. But remember to only have a bit of soda, as excessive aerated drinks can leave you weak in the long run.

13. Eat two heaped spoons of flaxseeds. These seed have natural properties that help balance your hormones and get rid of aches and pains.

14. Listen to your mother and have a spoonful of carom or ajwain with lemon. You may not like the taste, but it will instantly relieve your pain.

Fitness Time

15. Don’t try your own medication or natural remedies if you suffer from PCOD/PCOS and other diseases.

16. Talk to your doctor if you are on birth control pills or use IUDs. They may reduce or significantly increase the flow, causing bodyaches and weakness. Getting professional help will ensure that your body adjusts well to the new changes.

Hope you use these tips and have a pain-free period the natural way. Have any more tips to share? Let us know in the comments section.


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