DIY Manicures: 10 Trends To Try For Spring Summer 2014

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From the spring collection of 2014, we locked our eyes on some of the manicures which are going to be the trend makers. We have rounded up the trendiest nail styles right from stripes to edgy manicures to a whole new take on French manicures. These top 10 nail art are so easy that will want you to attempt it now.

1. Subtle Stripes

This is one that is carried over from 2013. Try on a few lines over the solid nail base. The look worth trying would be black and cream or white and cream, just like we spot on this model.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - Subtle Stripes

2. Conical

Instead of yet again doing the classic French manicures with only square or slightly rounded nails, try the new-age and edgy twist to the frenchmanicure, with pointed nails.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - Conical

3. Circular

Almost a reverse french manicure, it’s quite simple to do actually.After you have applied the base shade, all you need to do is take the shade that you want on the tip and apply the color in a circular stroke.

4. Fish Net

This was definitely one of the funkiest trends seen.  To do it at home, watch the D.I.Y tutorial below that shows you how you can achieve the trendiest nails.

Although the tutorial only shows you how to do it on the tips, you can do the same thing all over the nails as well.

5. Two Tone

This looks cool on oval, squoval (that’s a mix of square + oval) or square. Just take the shade you want to put over the base coat and apply another color like a straight line right in the middle of the nail.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - Two Tone

6. Ombre

Looks like this one is going to stay for a long time. To achieve this effect, apply a black shade starting from the tip of the nail but don’t go right till the cuticle. Let it dry, then apply a shimmer shade from the cuticle going till the middle of the nail. Seal it with a top coat.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - ombre

7. Be-dazzled

Almond nail shape, nude color and a dash of crystals can give you this look. It’s a super sparkly take on the reverse French manicure!


8. Pyramid

Sharp triangular strokes on the clear nail bed. Go graphic with this look.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - Pyramid

9. The Edgy French manicure

Another twist to the French manicure. Goes by the name, do this by applying your brush in a slanting (edgy) manner.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - edgy french manicure

10. Crescent Moon

Looks tricky but is very simple to do, infact it’s easier to do this than a French manicure. Get step by step application method here.

DIY Nail Art Ideas - Crescent Moon

We don’t know which ones to try first. Try them now and do let us know how they have turned out.


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