10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Beauty Hacks For Girls
Beauty Hacks For Girls

In the midst of our busy schedules, meetings that run from am to pm, non-stop invites to weddings and parties, we often run out of time, money and beauty essentials.  For damsels in similar distress, here are 10 beauty hacks every girl should know to survive some bad days and perfect her look before she heads out.

If You’re Running Low On…

1 Lip Gloss: Place your (almost) used-up gloss stick in a bowl of warm water and ten minutes later the heat would melt any residue gloss making it available for that one last swipe.  Now off you go, princess!

Time to pucker up!
Time to pucker up!

2. Mascara: If your mascara tube has dried out before its expiry date, then all you need to do is run the wand under hot water until it’s clear. Now, place it back in the tube and gently rub it around to soften the dried out mascara liquid.

3. Make-up Remover: If you often have nightmares about waking up with make-up stains on your precious pillow covers, then running out of make-up remover would probably give you a sleepless night. The best alternative would be to dab your daily moisturizer on a cotton swab and use it to rub off any excessive make-up.

4. Lipstick: Before you kiss goodbye to a broken lipstick ( yes, that very expensive and dear one), consider giving it a new life by heating the broken ends with a blow dryer, sticking the pieces back together and then allowing it to set in a fridge overnight to seal. (And if you do need to get out and buy a new one, here’s a list that will not break the bank.)

save a broken lipstick
Save a broken lipstick

Work it Like a Pro…

5. Get the Wavy Look: A hair makeover need not necessarily involve spending hours and money at a saloon.  Tie your hair into braids and then flat-iron them to get long-lasting waves.

Flat Iron Braids
Flat Iron Your Braids to Keep Them Wavy

6. All Body Shimmer: We often find ourselves envying the glowing body skin of models on runways. Turns out, we can cheat our way into getting the coveted all-body shimmer effect by adding a few drops of olive or baby oil to our moisturizer before we rub it all over our body.

7. Cover those Dark Circles: A good concealer goes a long way in covering our dark circles is a well-known fact. However, the trick of applying it in a triangle shape gives us better coverage and also an instant lift to saggy and tired eye bags.

The Right Way to Apply Concealer
The Right Way to Apply Concealer

8. For the Perfect Wing Shape: While sultry looking eye make-up is definitely in, smudged eyeliner work is surely not. The next time, you opt for a dramatic winged look, use a spoon to outline the shape and then fill it in to get it right.

Spoon for Wing Shape
Use a spoon to get that Wing Shape Right

Make it Count…

9. Make Your Perfume Last: You need not carry your precious perfume along with you everywhere you go. Simply dab your favourite scent in these five spots ( see image) and smell fresh all day long.

where to apply perume
Apply Perfume to these spots

10. Make Your Lipstick Stay All day Long:  You love wearing your new shade of lipstick but hate making re-runs to the powder room every few hours to touch up on your lipstick. You could save yourself the trouble by applying the base coat,  placing a tissue over your lips and then brushing some baby powder over it to see the difference for yourself. One more reason for you to kiss and make-up.

Make your Lipstick stay longer
Make your Lipstick stay longer

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